bean bag for children

At NATURES Collection we have many products that inspire to a lot of creativity. Our fur products offer many exciting possibilities and we do not think, that they are limited to adults. Children in all ages love the soft touch and feel of natural fur and why not treat them a little? Give them a beautiful, soft, comfortable and inviting room with all-natural products. And don’t worry, our products are child proof. Because of the natural materials, most of our products are resistant towards filth and easy to maintain.

If an accident occurs, don’t worry. Read our sheepskin care guide here.

To make it easier for you to find furry treats for your kids, we have looked through all of our products and found some, that would be perfect for the children to play with, lay in or wear.


We have many cushions in different sizes, materials and colours. Whether you have a classic, trendy, fun or other kind of interior design at your home, we have cushions that fits in everywhere. For kids, we recommend either our cushions in Tibetan or New Zealand sheepskin. These sheepskins are very soft both in feel and look.

tibetan sheepskin cushiontibetan sheepskin cushiontibetan sheepskin cushiontibetan sheepskin cushion

You can see and shop our cushions here.

Teddy Bear

We always look for new ways to create new things with fur. Fur has endless possibilities and we love to discover them. Our Teddy bears are perfect examples of this.

mink teddy

You can see and shop our teddy bears here.

Bean Bag

Give your kids a feeling of luxury with our bean bags in New Zealand Sheepskin.

sheepskin bean bag for kids

You can see and shop our bean bags here.


In our collection of beanies, we have a wide selection of different styles and we have discovered, that they are also perfect for kids. One of our best sellers, Mathilde hat, has a soft and simple look, that fits perfectly both on kids and adults. Wouldn’t it be fun with matching beanies? As always, the possibilities are endless with NATURES Collections products.

wool beanie wool beanie for kidswool beanie with fur

You can see and shop our beanies here.

Baby Sheepskin

For the small ones, we have a sheepskin specifically made for infants and babies. This sheepskin is made of New Zealand sheepskin and is very soft and processed specifically for babies. The sheepskin has a perfect size for both prams, buggies, baby chairs and as a play rug for the floor.

The sheepskin is all natural and regulates temperature, so you can be sure, that your child is not too cold or too hot. Another unique quality of this sheepskin is, that it can be washed in the washing machine. We recommend, that you use wool soap with lanolin, when you wash it.

baby sheepskin


You can see and shop our baby sheepskin here.


If you have a little girl, who just loves to dress up, we also have something for her. At NATURES Collection we design clothes for women, but our accessories are also for kids. Here are some of our amazing furry accessories, that will make your little girl as happy as ever! 

Ellen Pouch

This little bag in rabbit fur has a perfect size for kids and a sweet look. The soft feel of the bag gives an extra comfort when carrying it around and the string of golden metal makes it even cuter. It is the perfect accessory for weddings or other fun things. The pouch comes in many different colours.

rabbit bag

Cherry Hairclip

Our Cherry hairclip in mink is as sweet as it sounds and goes with everything. It comes in many different colours, to you can have one for any occasion. Wouldn’t it be fun to have matching hairclips? It is both pretty on adults and adorable on kids!

mink hair clip

Gwen Phone Bag

Many kids today have their own cellphone. Why not treat them with this amazingly soft phone bag in lambswool for their phones? The bag has an adjustable strap, so it will fit perfectly, and the bag can have both a phone and an extra small thing like a lip balm or a wallet.

sheepskin phone bag

Shelly Clutch

Our Shelly Clutch is very feminine and beautiful. Your child will love it and its soft sheepskin curls. It closes with a push button, so it is secured, when your child runs out to play. The clutch comes in many different colours. What is your child’s favorite colour?

sheepskin clutch

Find all our amazing accessories here.

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