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When you are invited to a party and you are completely blank when it comes to which gift to bring, we are here for you. We have something for everyone and since all of our products are made of natural materials, it will be an exclusive treat and an amazing gift for anyone who receives it.

Whether your friend, colleague, mom or hostess is fashionable or practical, we can with certainty find something that will make that person happy. To help you make the decision easier, we have chosen some of our products that fit the given receiver personally and he occasion economically. Let us guide you through our many furry gifts!

The best friend

For your best friend, you should give something unexpected and beautiful. Treat her with a soft gift, that she can use every day and be reminded of your friendship.

mink hair bandsheepskin phone bagrabbit fur ponchomink pom pomfox bag strapsheepskin slippers

The girlfriend

Give your girlfriend something pretty and exclusive and make her happy. If you wish to treat your girlfriend a little bit more, then give her one of our luxurious and fashionable jackets. We have a lot of styles, so read our jacket guide here.

rabbit fur jacketmink necklacemink fur coatfur collarleather leggins


Your mom only deserves the very best. Give her something, that feels like a treat every day. If you know she is into a specific kind of fur, read our guide on how to ‘Style up your closet’ and find the specific fur your mother likes.

fur collarskin gloves with furfur jacketponcho with fur collar


Your dad should have quality and long-lasting products. Fortunately, all of our products are long lasting and they sure are of very high quality.

skin gloves for menslippers for menwinter jacket for menwool beaniecrocodile coasters

The colleague

The perfect gift for a colleague can be very difficult to find, but here are some amazing suggestions, that will make your colleague feel appreciated.

For more inspiration to your office, check out our article about how to use our products at the office here.

wine coolerslippers crosssheepskin rugshopper bag of sheepskin

The hostess

Who wouldn’t love a little, but soft and beautiful present as a hostess? These small gifts are all at fair, low prices and definitely worth hosting a dinner for.

sheepskin phone bagmink keyringfur clutchhot water bottle

The kids

Kids love our furry gifts and there are a lot of possibilities to explore. Whether you need a birthday present or a small thing, you can easily find it here.

mink claspwool beanie with fursheepskin bean bagteddy keyring mink


Read more about kids and fur and how they complement each other here.


BagBean bagCoastersGiftGlovesHairbandHatHot water bottleJacketKeyringMinkPonchoTeddy bear

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