Mink colours

Mink skin is a very exclusive fur material, that is both soft and delicate, but durable and warm. This makes it a very popular skin, because it is perfect for elegant winter wear, accessories and so on.

Mink comes in a variety of many natural colours which makes it a versatile material as well. The colours below are the natural colours, that the mink breeders can produce by mating the minks.

You can also colour a mink skin in any given colour. In this process, the skin is dyed in a drum at a dressing factory. This process is not filled with dangerous chemicals, like some people think. In the process we use Chromium III, which is a natural occurring heavy metal that is found in stones, animals, plants etc. it is often confused with the carcinogenic chemical Chromium VI. In general, these dressing factories are constantly trying to implement more sustainable methods when processing fur.

Read more about processing fur here. 

NATURES Collection have a large variety of products, that are made of mink skin in different colours. See some of them below:

ColourMinkMink skin

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