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At NATURES Collection we have a wide range of different jackets and coats. When you decide to buy a fur jacket, it can be confusing when you have to decide which one to buy. When you buy a fur jacket it is like an investment, because you can be sure, that you will have this jacket for a very long time. This is why it is so important to choose the right one. We have made a guide for you, so all you have to do, is choose which purpose the jacket should have and then we present to you some of our finest jackets in the chosen category.

The practical one

When it is cold outside you need a jacket, that can keep you warm, but what about afterwards? Many worry about the small amount of time a winter jacket can be used, because when you invest in one of our winter jackets, you are going to want to wear it for more than just a couple of months. To spare you the disappointment, our parka jackets have the ability to change into a fall-jacket simply by zipping the inner lining off. This way you can use your jacket for much longer. Our bestselling parkas are Petra, Ambrosia and Clementina.



Some of our jackets also have a practical quality, because they are reversible. Our Alma, Chloe and Elle jackets are great examples of this. They are all two very different jackets in one.


mink and denim jacketmink and denim jacketdenim jacket with brodery



denim and sheepskin jacketdenim and sheepskin jacketsheepskin jacket



mink jacketreversible mink jacket


The fashionable one

A jacket of fur is a jacket in style. So, when you decide to treat yourself with a trendy fur jacket, it must be the right one for you. Fortunately for you we have a big collection and many of our jackets are high-quality fashion. Here is a selection of our most trendy jackets at the moment.



The warm one

When you buy a fur jacket, you know it is a high-quality material, that will keep you warm. Some of our jackets are a bit warmer than the others and a perfect match for you, who wants to cuddle up inside your jacket in comfort and warmth. Of course, our winter jackets are very warm and great for this purpose, but we also have many other warm jackets like the ones below:

The luxurious one

Fur equals luxury and our jackets are no exception to this. In our broad collection of jackets, we have some styles that gives luxury and warmth at the same time. Many of our exclusive and luxurious jackets are made of mink, which also makes them very warm. Our exclusive jackets are not just exclusive, they are always warm and made of high-quality fur. Some of our finest and most exclusive jackets are shown below.

FurGuideJacketMinkMink jacketParkaWinter jacket

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