fur jackets

You know the feeling. Your closet is filled with clothes, but nothing quite matches your expectations for today. You need something, that brings a little extra to spice up the outfit. Wearing fur can be an adventure and if you add it to your wardrobe, just image how amazing your everyday life is going to be! Here are some suggestions to how you can bring fur into your life and make it a lot more fun.


A mink jacket, scarf or bag always looks exclusive. We have many different styles in mink and here are some of our most popular styles in mink.

denim mink jacketshorn mink jacketmink belt bagmink jacketmink scarf


Fox is a luxurious material, that has a soft but stylish look. Wearing fox, you will feel both stylish and comfortable. Take a look at these amazing styles below and see how fox comes in many different shapes.

coat of foxshopper bag of foxgoose down and fox jacketfox coatfox bag


Our styles in rabbit and rex rabbit are all very beautiful and affordable. The possibilities are endless and once you have seen our many styles in rabbit, you might want to wear it in a leopard pattern like our Chrystal jacket?

leopard rabbit jacketrabbit scarfvest of rabbit furclutch of rabbit furfur jacket of rabbit


The fur from a raccoon is a rich and fluffy material, that instantly gives you comfort. The thickness of the fur makes the clutches, jackets, scarfs and ponchos a lot more fun to wear. When you add one of these styles to your wardrobe, you also add some extra luxury and comfort in your everyday life. Isn’t that just wonderful?

raccoon clutchraccoon ponchodenim jacket with raccoon furraccoon collarbeanie with raccoon fur

For more inspiration, check out all of our styles here.


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