What is hygge and how do we get it ?

When you sometimes hear about a little country called Denmark it won’t take long before the word ‘hygge’ come up. This word is somewhat difficult to explain, because it describes a feeling that only the Danes know. But is this really true? If the Danes can feel the hygge, then so can everybody else.  

The best way to explain hygge is to describe it as a feeling of warmth, comfy and happiness at the same time. Some even say, that hygge was made to fight darkness in the long winter months. When we do hygge, we sometimes have a lot of candles and light up the fireplace while sitting comfortably. Many use sheepskins for this purpose, because they are soft and very comfortable.  

Hygge is not just for winter, it is present all year round, because in every season there is a need for taking a step back in a strong sense of happiness. But how do the Danes get this comfortable? We find a nice place to sit or lay down. In this case, a natural sheepskin makes any surface comfortable. At NATURES Collection we have sheepskin rugs, cushions, seat covers and throws that are the quintessence of hygge.

A sheepskin from Natures Collection in any form is beautiful and very soft, which makes it perfect for creating that thrilling sensation of hygge, that we all need to have occasionally. A natural sheepskin is also a natural product, that can regulate temperature. It will keep you warm in the cold months and maintain a suitable temperature in the summer.

So, what is hygge really? Many say, that it describes the feeling that surrounds you, when you are very comfortable and that it encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. It has often been said, that the Danes are the happiest people in the world. If hygge is responsible for this, then everyone can become the happiest people in the world. Start by buying yourself something nice and comfortable, like our products below.


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