12 beautiful fur jackets

by Natures Collection

We all know the struggle of finding the one jacket, that we will love forever. The one jacket that is both a safe choice and a jacket that makes you look stunning every time you wear it. Let’s dive into our collection and show you the many possibilities you have of finding that one jacket in our shop.




Let’s start the tour with our Mei jacket. Mei is made of certified sheepskin wool from New Zealand and has a classic fit. Mei is two jackets in one because it is reversible. This gives the jacket more possibilities than if it was just one jacket. Mei is incredibly soft, and the sheepskin wool makes it very warm as well. Wear your Mei jacket to work, when you are going for a walk in the park or when you are shopping. You can wear Mei at all times and still be unbelievably comfortable and warm.




Do you like big collars, that gives you a luxurious and soft feeling whenever you wear it? Then you should definitely buy our Isa jacket. Isa is made of 100 % sheepskin wool from New Zealand and has a big and soft collar made of fox fur. Isa is the perfect everyday jacket, that gives you both warmth and a luxurious feeling at the same time. Your friends and family will envy you when you are wearing this amazing jacket. It is truly something!




Luna is one of our absolute favorite jackets made of rex rabbit fur. It has some lovely details and a small collar to keep you warm and cozy at all times. There is a beautiful pattern in fur, that gives the jacket a bit of edge. It makes it special. Luna comes in more colors, so we are confident that you will find the perfect jacket for you. Luna a perfect for many occasions because it is classic in its looks, and at the same time it is easily to style up and down. Wear it with your favorite purse, and you are ready for at night out with friends.




 Svea is a super cool jacket with genuine fox fur from Finland in the front and on the back. The jacket has puffy sleeves as a nice detail, which gives the jacket a sporty, but nice look. The jacket is practical and closes with a zipper. Svea will keep you warm as the sleeves a made of genuine goose down. Besides that, the sleeves are sewn in around the wrists, so you can keep the cold wind out. This jacket is light and comfortable. The perfect natural item to your winter wardrobe.




Agnes is a lovely jacket of goose down. It has a beautiful hood with genuine raccoon fur from USA. Raccoon fur is fluffy and has a lovely color play. It is extremely soft and when you get to wear the jacket you will have no doubts, that this is a high-quality product. Agnes closes with a zipper, and it can be opened in the bottom, which makes the jacket very flexible. Choose Agnes in your favorite color and you are ready for winter.





 Valerie is an elegant jacket with a collar of the most beautiful fox fur. It makes the jacket special and very exclusive in its looks. The coat is made of high-quality wool and has a band around the waist, so it fits perfectly. Valerie leaves you with a lot of options because you take off the collar, so you can use the jacket as a wool coat.




If you are looking for a luxury teddy jacket with nice details and an oversized fit, then you should definitely take a look at our Coco jacket. Coco is made of the softest and warmest genuine sheepskin wool of the highest quality. Coco comes in a lot of colors. Be daring and try Coco in blue. It is cool and unbelievably fashionable and the same time! Coco is also practical as it closes with buttons and has visible pockets. 




If you need a new and exciting item for your winter wardrobe, then Gina is the perfect choice for you! It is extremely exclusive as it is made of genuine sheepskin wool, raccoon fur from USA and goose down. The coat is long and looks amazing with the nice collar of raccoon fur. Another lovely detail is the two big pockets in the front. They make the jacket something very special.




This jacket is something very unique, because it is made of fox fur from Finland, raccoon fur from USA and the softest rabbit fur from Southern Europe. The coat has a beautiful collar of fox and raccoon fur, which gives a lovely color combination. Besides that, Ambrosia is a luxury treat because it has a nice pattern of genuine rabbit fur along both sides. We believe that you will feel more beautiful than ever wearing Ambrosia!




Jade is a long coat, that are good for many things. Wear it with a pair of nice boots and you are ready for a night out or put on a pair of sneakers and Jade becomes perfectly casual. Jade is an exclusive jacket with details of genuine sheepskin wool and press studs. The coat will keep you nice and warm during the cold winter as it is made of high-quality goose down. This coat will make your winter the better than ever!




November is a beautiful coat with a big collar and hood of fox fur. It makes is very exclusive and luxurious as the fur is some of the softest you have ever felt. The coat is lined with high-quality rex rabbit fur, so you will feel warm and cozy when wearing the jacket. November offers a number of lovely details, for example a band in the waist and more pockets. This jacket is the perfect choice for winter!




Savannah is the perfect jacket made of genuine sheepskin fur, as you can turn it inside out. This is two jackets in one. Then you do not have to choose if you have a hard time figuring out what jacket you want. It is a high-quality jacket of sheepskin wool from New Zealand. It is both practical, as it is durable, and fashionable with beautiful details. It is perfect for almost anything!



Any questions?

We hope you enjoyed our tour around our 12 most popular jackets and coats. If you have any questions regarding our products, please do not hesitate to ask!

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