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Article: Bring natural warmth to the office

Bring natural warmth to the office -

Bring natural warmth to the office

A good office environment is important, if you want your business to succeed. When you treat your employees, they will automatically contribute to a better social atmosphere, so why not make this a reality? At NATURES Collection we have a large number of products made of natural skins, that are perfect for the office. Let us show you how amazing your office can be!


Our sheepskins are perfect for many things, but one thing that they are specifically good at is to add some extra comfort to any chair. In many offices the chairs are used many hours every day, which is why a good sitting comfort is essential for the health of your employees. We have a very large collection of natural sheepskins. We have New Zealand, Tibetan, Icelandic, Gotlandic, UK and Austrian sheepskins and they come in a great variety of colours as well. With all these different sheepskins, it is possible to find a sheepskin, that suits your employees individually.

To learn about the differences between the sheepskins, click here and read our Fur Dictionary.

Our sheepskins create a nice and cozy look around the office and they are perfect for chairs everywhere, like when you are enjoying lunch with your colleagues. Wouldn’t it be great to be warm and comfortable during? A cozy cafeteria environment will bring positive vibes, and the only thing it requires is a sheepskin on each chair. Simple and easy.

curly sheepskinnew zealand sheepskinnatural sheepskin

Penholders and boxes

Every desk needs equipment to organize and make the work easier. With our pen holder and boxes in Premium Calf Leather, your desk will be both organized and good looking. Our pen holder and boxes are all made of high-quality skin, which makes any desk look a bit more amazing, than it usually does. When you see our calf leather products, you do not want anything else. They are simply exquisite.


Horns and antlers

Every office needs a little extra to make it a more exciting working place. Add some extra with our horns and antlers as decoration. We have our astonishing horns from South Africa and antlers from Austria. Our horns come from blesbok, cows, kudus and our antler come from a deer.

white antlercow horns


A cowhide is big, significant and beautiful, but did you know that it is also very durable? Give your office a natural look by laying down a natural cowhide hide on the floor. It might not seem like it, but it can last for many years on your office floor. Out it in the middle of the room, where everyone can enjoy the look of it. We assure you, that you will not regret bringing this piece of nature into your office.

cow hide

Magazine holder, trays, coasters and much more

We are not done yet. We have even more products, that would look great in the office landscape. Take a look at our collection in our webshop and get inspired by the pictures below! 

leathercrocodile coastersleather interior

You can find all of the above in our webshop by clicking here.

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