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Article: Make summer even better with a sheepskin

Make summer even better with a sheepskin -

Make summer even better with a sheepskin

A sheepskin is a product that is often associated with the cold winter months, where there is a need for extra warmth. The softness and warmth of the sheepskin makes us automatically think, that it is only for use in the cold months, but this is far from true. A sheepskin can and should be used all year round and there are no seasons where the sheepskin is more suitable than in others.

A sheepskin is very soft and decorative. It can fit in to any style and furniture. They come in many different colours which makes it easy to find the exact sheepskin that suits your home and lifestyle. But when you think about the summer and the heat and the many hours spend outside, not many of us think about sheepskins in this relation. This is a shame though, because you can really benefit from using a sheepskin for many different things and activities in the summer.

sheepskin for summer

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Sheepskins are comfortable to sit on

When you are sitting outside in a garden chair, it is often the case, that you do not sit very comfortably. Garden chairs are often made in a very hard and durable material, that can resist any kind of weather. This makes them both hard and uncomfortable to sit in. in this case, a sheepskin is an obvious solution, because of the natural support it gives you.

We often use synthetic pillows, cushions and blankets in garden chairs, but sheepskins are very unique in the comfort they give you, which makes them a very good alternative. Another important thing is, that sheepskins are 100 % natural, and every skin is unique.

A sheepskin can regulate temperature

Cushions, blankets and pillows are often made of synthetic materials, that makes it impossible to avoid sweating. In this case, a sheepskin is a much better choice. A sheepskin is a natural product that regulates the temperature, so you won’t heat up and sweat in the day and it will keep you warm at night.

The sheepskin has a cooling effect on the hot days and a heating effect on the cold days. With at sheepskin in your garden chair, you can be sure to be both comfortable and sit for a long time. A summer night never has an early end which makes it a good idea to make sure to sit comfortably.

natural sheepskins

Natural or coloured sheepskin?

If you want to use your sheepskin outside in the sun, you should be aware, that the skin should not be a coloured sheepskin, because it will fade in the sunlight. A sheepskin that is not coloured and has its natural colour can be used outside in the sun as much as needed. If you have a coloured sheepskin, you can use it in the evening when the sun is down.

No matter which sheepskin you have, you must remember to take it inside if it is raining. The leather side cannot be wet, because it will get a very hard surface when it dries.

Sunbathe on your sheepskin

Not many knows, but you can in fact sunbathe on a sheepskin. All you have to be aware of is, that the leather side must not get wet. This also means, that you can use your sheepskin for picnics. Just remember, to take some kind of plastic blanket with you, to protect the leather side. It is much better to lay down or sit on a natural sheepskin instead of using synthetic cushions that makes you sweat immediately.

sheepskin for the garden

Sheepskins are decorative and practical

If you have a sunroom, a sheepskin can give the room a whole other look and make it comfier and cozier. You can place a sheepskin in places where you can sit down, and this will invite your guests to sit down and relax. If you live in the city without a garden or access to a garden, you can still use your sheepskin.

When you are enjoying the summer from inside through an open window, you can sit on a sheepskin and it will regulate the temperature for you. This also means that you can sit all night with an open window and still be warm enough around your back. If you put your sheepskin on a chair in direct sunlight, you must remember to buy a natural coloured sheepskin, that won’t fade in the sun.

Take the sheepskin with you on vacation

You can also take you sheepskin with you on vacation. With a sheepskin in your bag, you will be guaranteed a good sitting comfort no matter where you are. Just shake your sheepskin before use and it will give you the same soft feel and expression as it does at home. 

There are multiple possibilities with a sheepskin and there are no limits whatsoever, whether it is summer or winter. A sheepskin can be used all year round and is in many cases a much better alternative to the synthetic cushions, blankets and pillows, that exist in many homes. A sheepskin is a good and long-lasting investment and if you remember to do the minimum of care it requires, you will have the sheepskin for many years.

You can read more about sheepskin care and how to remove stains here

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