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Article: Size guide for skin gloves

Size guide for skin gloves -

Size guide for skin gloves

Are you also trying to find the perfect pair of skin gloves in the right size? It can be difficult to know, what size to choose when you are looking for a pair of natural skin gloves. We have made a guide for you, where you can learn more about the different sizes we have. This will make it a lot easier for you to choose a pair of skin gloves in the right size and bring nature into your wardrobe.

Skin gloves for women

At NATURES Collection you can find a large selection of skin gloves for women. This is also the perfect gift. Find out what size to choose. 


Our size S for women is the smallest size we offer. It is similar to the size called a size 7.5. A skin glove is made of natural skin, which is why the gloves needs to be a bit tight in the beginning. The skin will work its way around your hands eventually, so don’t worry if the gloves seem too tight.


Size M is medium. It is also called a size 8.


Our gloves for women come in a size L, which is also called a size 9.


Mens sizes

At NATURES Collection you can also find a pair of skin gloves for men. These gloves come in the sizes M, L and XL. 


Size M, also called a medium, is a size 9. It is the smallest size Leonardo, the pair of gloves for men, come in.


If you usually fit a size 9.6, then you should go for our size L!


The biggest size for men is a size XL. This size is known as a size 10.

Jump into our universe and find your next pair of skin gloves. Everyone needs a pair of gloves when the winter is coming and it is a must have! Visit us in our store to try them!

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