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Article: What is moccasin sheepskin?

What is moccasin sheepskin? -

What is moccasin sheepskin?

At NATURES Collection we love everything about sheepskin fur, which is why we offer several products made of high-quality sheepskin of different types. Sheepskin fur is a versatile material, that is perfect for many purposes. We use it for products that you can wear, but it is also more than perfect to any interior items.

Sheepskin fur brings Nordic charm and coziness, and you do not want to miss it! Sheepskin fur comes in different versions, but one of our absolute favorites is sheepskin in the moccasin quality. Learn much more about moccasin and the products made of moccasin here. 

Natural sheepskin fur from New Zealand

Moccasin sheepskin is 100% natural fur from New Zealand. The material is chosen with great care for high quality, softness and with the environment in mind. Moccasin sheepskin fur is cut down to only 12 mm, so the hairs are very soft. It is obvious, that the New Zealand sheepskin fur is thick, and that the fur is extremely soft and beautiful. When the hairs are cut this short it adds a lovely surface, that is shiny and very decorative at the same time. Therefore, we love using moccasin fur for almost anything! 

sheepskin cushions


What makes moccasin sheepskin sustainable?

At NATURES Collection we get our sheepskin fur from the meat industry, and this also counts for our moccasin sheepskin fur. The material is a typical by-product to the production of meat, and we see absolutely no reason not to use it instead of throwing the soft fur away. Enjoy nature with a bit of moccasin fur with a clear conscience and help reducing the waste of resources at the same time!

Products made of moccasin sheepskin

At our webshop you can find all sorts of products made of moccasin sheepskin. One of our most popular items is our hot water bottle with a soft and warm cover made of moccasin sheepskin fur. This hot water bottle has a timeless and clean design, that fits into any interior design, but it also has the softest touch, so you will get a hard time letting it go once you have felt it.

hot water bottle moccasin sheepskin

We also offer beautiful cushions made of moccasin. The material is perfect as a cushion for the couch or to decorate your bed with as it oozes of pure nature, exclusivity, and warmth. This is the perfect way to add a Nordic and soft touch!

moccasin sheepskin cushios

See also our poufs made of moccasin. This is a natural element, from which you and your family can get much joy. Place it in the corner of the living room. Then it is ready for use during movie night as it can be a footrest stool or an extra seat. 

moccasin sheepskin pouf

We have made lovely design made of moccasin sheepskin. Check it out here.

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