Fur Coat

NATURES Collection is known for one of the world’s largest and finest selection of fur coats. The collection consists of the fur types like mink, sable, rex rabbit, chinchilla, fox and raccoon.

With roots grounded in Denmark, we only work with products that live up to our standards of quality, image and sustainability.

Explore our fur coat collection and we will assure you a large and various selection of furs in different designs, newest trend colours, beautiful textures and suitable lengths.

It’s our pride and joy to present our fur coat collection booth for men and women. Our fur coats are made in EU sizes and goes from XS – XXL or from 1-6. 


Fur Coat

Our costumer audience is worldwide - high quality and good products defines them and their choices of products. We always seek to give you the finest quality of fur.

How to take care of your fur coat

Fur is a soft and sustainable natural material. It’s a lifetime product and with just a little love and caring it can stay forever beautiful in generations. We always recommend all our customers to take good care of their fur. One way to take good care of your fur is to hang it in at dust bag in a dark closet when you are not using it. Do not fold it together and do not store it under constantly sunlight for a longer time. Read more about how to care you fur here

Fur all year round

Fur gives you warmth and it helps you to keep your natural body warmth inside your body but in the other hand as a natural material fur is also having a self-regulating which means that some fur types will help you to cool down in the heat. Choose a light knitted mink, lamb or rabbit fur coat and we promise you that you will get a soft and cooling effect. In our opinion fur is the best natural material all year round.

Our fur coat collection

The essence of our collection consists of luxurious products made from 100% natural materials.

At NATURES Collection you will experience how timeless design and handmade quality is found in every products that we make. Inspired by the New Nordic Living and with roots grounded in the heartland of Denmark, we seek to bring this feeling to our customers around the world.

Our fur coats reflect the newest trends and makes innovative use of natural materials.