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    Whatever decorative element you choose, you are sure to add texture, edge and style to your home. In our collection of home accessories, we have soft and decorative hot-water bottles upholstered with either rabbit, moccasin or sheepskin. You can use the hot-water bottle under a blanket or duvet for instant warmth.

    We also have a wide selection of polished horns from South Africa and deer antlers from Austria. All antlers and horns have a natural origin, which is why they are by-products to the production of meat. A warm recommendation from us is to use the horns and antlers as decorative elements on the table, in the windowsill or on the sideboard. Let natural accessories create Nordic charm in your home.

    Bring the nature indoor

    Our collection with accessories for the home is the perfect solution if you need a bit of edge in your interior decoration. With this collection you will discover that it is the small details that can make the difference. You get the opportunity to bring nature into your home with our high-quality products of genuine skin and fur. Both quality and naturalness shine through with a Nordic charm and it is not to be mistaken.

    With nature in your home, you can create a harmonious atmosphere that cannot be replaced with anything else. When you feel the soft cowhide or run your fingers through the beautiful sheepskin fur, you can dream out into the open air, where the ceiling is high, and the air is fresher. You will be able to hear birds chirping and streams in the background and soon you will see big trees and amazing mountains on the horizon. Imagine being able to have all of this in your own home. It is fantastic.

    High-quality skin and fur

    At NATRUES Collection, we only work with high-quality skins, which are carefully selected so that we can offer the best and most beautiful products to your home. This makes our selection of home accessories fantastically exclusive in a Nordic and charming way. The natural products can give something to an interior decoration that is not to be found anywhere else. In other words, the natural and luxurious feeling that our accessories can give your home is irreplaceable.

    What types of genuine fur can be found in the collection?

    We work with pretty much all kinds of skin and furs! We deal with reindeer skins, zebra skins, cowhides, sheepkins, raccoon and fox fur, genuine mink fur and much more. Genuine skins and furs have a quality and a certain charisma. It is nature in its purest form and with our products, you can make it part of your everyday life. Here you can read more about the different kinds of skins and furs that can be found in our collection with horns and antlers.

    Rabbit fur

    We love genuine rabbit fur because it is amazingly soft! We get our rabbit fur from Southern Europe, primarily from France and Spain. The rabbit fur is fantastic as a vest or a cover for a hot-water bottle due to the extreme softness. Once you have felt the soft fur, you will not be able to keep your fingers from it at all, that is for sure!

    We work with two types of rabbit fur: the regular rabbit fur and the even more exclusive rex rabbit fur. The difference between the two types is that the rex rabbit is even more exclusive and fine in the quality than the regular rabbit fur. Therefore, it is also more expensive. The better quality is shown, by the fact that rex rabbit has less tendency to shed, although it is a completely natural quality that the fur sheds a bit. However, this does not make the rabbit fur worse in quality - it is completely natural!

    Sheepskin fur

    Sheepskin fur is a very versatile and durable material, so it can be used for pretty much everything from jackets to carpets. For that reason, it is part of our collection with horns and antlers. See, for example, our beautiful hot-water bottle with a sheepskin cover!

    We use sheepskin from all over the world, for example New Zealand, Iceland, Tibet, Gotland, UK and more. Next, we have both long-haired, short-haired, curly, and smooth versions. In addition, we are also dealing with Moccasin, which is a short-haired version that is cut down to just 12 mm. It gives an amazing softness and beautiful shine!

    Calf leather

    Our South American calf leather is softer than butter and has the most beautiful shiny surface. Therefore, it is the perfect decorative element to your interior decoration. See our lovely mirrors with a frame of the most beautiful calf leather, or our braided decorative boxes that you can organize your home with. It is the small natural details like these that make all the difference!

    South African horns

    In this collection we also offer a wide selection of the most beautiful horns from South Africa. They have a quite unique and exclusive look, and they contribute raw nature into any interior decoration. Such a horn will without a doubt be noticed from a long distance! We cannot keep our eyes off them at all.

    Are our items sustainable?

    Not only are our products 100% natural and of towering quality, but they are also sustainable, and there are several reasons for this.

    We get a lot of our genuine skins and furs from the meat industry, as the skins are a typical by-product to meat production. Therefore, we use the natural skin, which would have been wasted otherwise, to make beautiful and useful items for the home. The same goes for our amazing horns. In this way, the waste of resources is reduced to a minimum and we utilize the animal 100%. We see a huge advantage in that.

    Secondly, genuine skin and fur are incredibly durable and long-lasting. This way you can be sure to have your new accessory for the home for many years to come. Another sustainable initiative that we value highly, as we only work with 100% natural materials!

    Treat yourself with a hot-water bottle

    We have a large selection of the loveliest, softest hot-water bottles with genuine fur covers. We have hot-water bottles with covers of both rabbit and sheepskin fur. Both types are wonderfully soft. Your new hot-water bottle will be your new best friend every single Sunday when you need to relax! The soft fur makes our hot-water bottle something special, as it gives a natural and soft look, and as the natural qualities follows. Because of the genuine fur the hot-water bottle will stay nice and warm for a long time.

    A good tip is to put your hot-water bottle under the duvet before going to bed. Then it is nice and warm when you go to sleep. 

    Organize your home with boxes of genuine skin

    It can be difficult to figure out how to store small items such as keys, pens, matches, cards, office supplies and much more without it floating around and cluttering your interior decoration. The solution to this is a set of our beautiful boxes of genuine calfskin. They have a lovely surface due to the soft skin, and they have fine details that makes them very decorative in any home. They have different sizes so you can use them for more purposes. Next, they look beautiful when placed together, but you can also decorate your home with them individually. It is entirely up to you.

    Decorate your interior decoration with horns

    Are you missing something that can make your home something very special and extraordinary? Take a look at our impressive horns. We have a large selection of horns of different kinds in different sizes. A horn looks beautiful on the desk or dresser, but it also adds life to the living room table or the shelf in the hallway. A genuine horn is a small detail that can give your interior decoration a bit of edge with its raw look of pure nature.

    Something special about our horns is that they are 100% natural, which is why no horns are identical. With that said, it should be mentioned that the images you see are indicative and that there may be differences in the horns in sizes, color compositions and shapes. This is part of the charm of pure nature. We find it luxurious and exclusive, as you can make your home personal and unique.

    What about a mirror for the hallway?

    Decorate your hallway with one of our stunning round mirrors with a frame of genuine calf leather. The design is very versatile and stylish at the same time, so it can be used as you wish. The mirror comes in two sizes, so you have room for either the large or the small mirror in your home. If you are missing a nice detail to the bathroom, the small mirror is absolutely perfect if you ask us. With a high-quality mirror like this, you can only be satisfied with what you see - no doubt about it!


    Our collection with horns and antlers for contains many different items that can give your home the edge it lacks. It is simple design and high quality that can add a piece of nature to your interior decoration. Once you have experienced nature this close, you will have a hard time imagining life without.

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