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Leather Leggings

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    Leather Leggings - Ambra Leggings | Sheepskin
    Leather Leggings - Ambra Leggings | Sheepskin
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    Ambra Leggings | Sheepskin
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     It is not difficult to update your wardrobe with natural materials. Among our wide range of natural materials, you will find our beautiful leggings in suede and sheepskin leather. Our leggings come in many sizes from 30-50, which makes it possible to find the leggings that fit your figure perfectly.

    If you need a little pampering, we have found the answer for you. Our leggings are made of 100% genuine natural material, which is why they are very luxurious. This is in evidence in the quality, which is fantastic, but also in the looks, which exudes exclusivity. With a pair of our leggings, you will feel beautiful at any time! Renew your wardrobe with a natural item that is raw and versatile in its design now.



    Genuine sheepskin

    We only work with genuine skin and fur, which is why our high-quality leggings are made of 100% genuine sheepskin. The sheepskin is perfect for a pair of leggings, as it is a very versatile material and phenomenally durable. In addition, the leather has a soft and beautiful surface, which gives the luxurious look that you want with a pair of leather leggings.


    High-quality sheepskin

    Our leggings are made of 100% genuine natural material of the highest quality. This can be felt on the soft leather and the raw suede, and when you wear a pair of our leggings, it can be seen by the fact that the trousers fit beautifully on any body shape. Next, it can be seen from a distance by the nice surface of the leather and suede, and they ooze of pure nature and exclusivity.


    The fact that the skin is genuine also means that our leggings are very durable and long lasting, as the material comes from the nature. Therefore, you can look forward to many years with a pair of lovely leggings made of genuine sheepskin.


    Are our leggings sustainable?

    Not only are our leggings exclusive in their look and design, fantastic in quality and completely natural, but they are also sustainable! We get a large part of our skin and fur from the meat industry, as the skin is a typical by-product to the production of meat. In other words, we use the skin that had been wasted anyway to make beautiful leggings which you can refresh your wardrobe with. In this way, we reduce the waste of resources and allow the animal to come to its rightful place by making full use of it.


    In addition, sheepskin is a very durable material, which means that you do not have to buy new leggings over and over again. You are doing the environment a huge favor!


    Stylish design

    Our leggings are timeless in design as they are simple and beautiful at the same time. The soft, high-quality leather gives a natural and raw look. In addition, our leggings get a lovely surface that is as lifelike as the quality. Everyone can wear a pair of our leggings as they go well with almost anything. Bring nature into your wardrobe in a fashionable way. You will never regret it!



    Our Ambra leggings are made of the loveliest sheepskin, which oozes of raw nature and luxury. These leggings are simple in design but beautiful with more details. They close with a button at the front and have two pockets. With these elegant leggings, you never have to worry about what to wear again when you go out, because you can wear these to any occasion. Welcome nature and fall in love with the high-quality leather, which is softer than anything you have ever felt before.



    Jasmin is a pair of suede leggings, which has the perfect biker look that you seek. Jasmin has two zippers at the front and closes with a button. The soft suede has a raw surface so no one will ever doubt that they are a true piece of nature. With Jasmin you will not feel anything but beautiful and comfortable!


    Leggings for any occasion

    Your new leggings made of genuine sheepskin are ready to impress, because they are very durable, and you can look forward to many years ahead with your sheepskin trousers in your wardrobe. Next, our leggings are amazingly versatile and stylish in design. They give a Nordic and raw look to any outfit that cannot be resisted. We cannot think of a single scenario where our leggings will not bring life to your outfit. Read more about some of the occasions where a pair of our leather leggings are very necessary.


    A day at work

    Winter outfits can be tricky because they usually consist of large sweaters and long scarves. We have the solution - a pair of leather leggings. These trousers are perfect for everyday use, as almost all shirts, blouses, T-shirts, and sweaters looks perfect with the leggings. They are simple in design and at the same time, they exude high quality and exclusivity. Therefore, they are essential for everyday use. Wear a pair of our leggings and feel beautiful at any time. You will without a doubt impress your colleagues when wearing them.


    A night out

    It can be stressful to prepare for an evening out with friends because you never know what you want to wear. With a pair of leather leggings in your wardrobe, you do not have to worry any more. Pair them with your favorite boots and a matching bag. These leggings have an expression of raw nature and elegance. It is classic and your outfit still gets the edge you need when going out.



    If you are also facing number of Christmas parties in the near future, then you should without a doubt look at our collection with leather leggings. They have a beautiful and simple look, which means that style them with almost anything. Enjoy the feeling of a cozy and harmonious atmosphere. Your guests will love it too. With a pair of genuine leather leggings, you can enjoy Christmas more than ever before, as they are simple to style and because you cannot help but feel beautiful when wearing them.

    How to style our leggings

    If you need a casual outfit, our leggings are simple and can look casual with a pair of sneakers and a hoodie, but if you want more, then you do not have to do much to style them up. With a nice pair of boots, a cool bag and a classic jacket, you can come a long way. In addition, we have a large selection of fur jewelry, which is a nice detail that can highlight nature even more. Jump into our universe.


    Treat yourself and your wardrobe with a pair of the softest leather leggings on the market. They exude sky-high quality and nature, which make them extremely exclusive and luxurious to a degree you will rarely experience again. The design is well thought out down to last detail. Therefore, you are guaranteed a nice pair of leggings, that you will never regret buying. We have selected the material with care for high quality and sustainability, which is undeniable when you see the pants from a distance or feel the fantastic quality leather. We are sure that our leggings will become one of your favorite items in no time as you will wear them time, after time. It is quite amazing and definitely worth it all. We cannot believe just how lovely our leggings are. Take a look at the collection and choose your favorite leggings in the color you love the most!


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