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5 products
    5 products
    Ponchoes & Knits - Sammy Cardigan | Rabbit
    Ponchoes & Knits - Sammy Cardigan | Rabbit
    Antique Green Beige Black Midnight Blue +7
    Sammy Cardigan | Rabbit
    NC | Apparel
    Ponchoes & Knits - Nina Poncho | Wool, Raccoon
    Ponchoes & Knits - Nina Poncho | Wool, Raccoon
    Beige Black Dark Grey Light Grey +1
    Nina Poncho | Wool, Raccoon
    NC | Apparel
    Ponchoes & Knits - June Poncho | Raccoon, Wool
    Ponchoes & Knits - June Poncho | Raccoon, Wool
    Beige Black Dark Grey Midnight Blue +1
    June Poncho | Raccoon, Wool
    NC | Apparel
    Sold Out
    Ponchoes & Knits - Molly Deluxe Plus | Rabbit, Wool
    Ponchoes & Knits - Molly Deluxe Plus | Rabbit, Wool
    Midnight Blue Mushroom Taupe
    Molly Deluxe Plus | Rabbit, Wool
    NC | Apparel
    Ponchoes & Knits - Molly Poncho | Rabbit
    Ponchoes & Knits - Molly Poncho | Rabbit
    Antique Green Black Dark Brown Dark Grey +7
    Molly Poncho | Rabbit
    NC | Apparel

    Our Ponchos add an exclusive touch and style to your wardrobe, and fortunately we have a large selection. Our ponchos are made of high-quality fur in the form of rabbit, fox, raccoon or sheepskin fur. Many are knitted together with wool. Our ponchos come in several colors and styles. Plus, they are one-size-fits-all, so you do not have to worry about which size to choose. 

    A sustainable poncho 

    At NATURES Collection, we only work with 100% genuine skin and fur, which ensures that we offer high-quality products of all kinds, whether it is a poncho or a sheepskin over the chair. It also makes our products completely unique, as there are no two identical natural products, and each item is very special. This is reflected in our products because there are no two identical rabbits, sheep or foxes. Therefore, you are guaranteed a beautiful natural product, which is your very own, and which cannot be found by either the neighbor or her / him further down the street. 

    We primarily work with fur from the meat industry. This means that we use the fur that had been wasted anyway and use it to make the most beautiful and extremely exclusive fur ponchos that can be found in our poncho collection, for example. We are very proud of this because there is a certain magnificence associated with using the animal to the fullest and letting it come into its own. This makes our fur a sustainable choice, which ultimately reduces the waste of resources around the world at the same time as it is a tribute to the animal that has lived a living life in the wild. With our products, the animal is presented in the most beautiful way through a product that you can use, perhaps a vest or a poncho that keeps you warm, or a sheepskin in the home that brings nature very close to you and your family. 

    What types of fur ? 

    Of course, we only work with genuine fur, so you are guaranteed a poncho of sky-high quality, which can be both seen and felt. Below you are introduced to the different types of fur that are part of our poncho collection. Our ponchos are some of the softest you will come across - without a doubt. 

    Rabbit fur 

    Rabbit fur is characterized by being extremely fine and soft, which gives the surface beautiful and natural shades. We get our genuine rabbit fur from Southern Europe, primarily from France and Spain. We work with two types of high-quality rabbit fur, namely the regular and an even more luxurious version called rex rabbit, which is a bit more expensive than the regular rabbit fur. 

    See for example our Molly poncho of real rabbit fur. It is super cute and beautiful and will suit anyone and everyone. This poncho also comes in a version called Molly Deluxe, which is made from real rabbit fur and wool. It makes the poncho even more warm exclusive with a slightly more powerful look. 

    Raccoon fur 

    Our knitted ponchos Kathrine and June are naturally beautiful with their collar of genuine raccoon fur. We get our raccoon fur from the USA, and it is of towering quality, so you can expect a poncho with the softest details of genuine raccoon fur. The characteristic of raccoon fur is that it is strong and smooth, which gives a beautiful expression. At the tips you can see a beautiful rest of color from the natural fur that is not to be mistaken. At NATURES Collection, we love everything about genuine raccoon fur! 

    Fox fur 

    We love to use genuine fox fur, as it is extremely soft, strong and has a beautiful glow when the light is on. The coat is light and airy, so ponchos with pieces of fox fur get an exclusive and fluffy look, which will be admired by everyone you pass while wearing a poncho with fox fur. We get most of our fox fur from Finland. 

    Sheepskin fur 

    Our Maggie poncho is a fantastic soft poncho made of the loveliest sheepskin wool from Kalgan in China. This type of sheepskin is characterized by the fact that it is long and slightly curly, which gives a raw look to any outfit. The coat is both beautiful and durable, which is why you are guaranteed a poncho of sky-high quality. Furthermore, the sheepskin wool will keep you always warm. 


    Our ponchos come in different fits to reach a wide crowd of women who will feel quite special and absolutely beautiful in our ponchos regardless of age, height, size, body shape and style. In addition, we have made all our ponchos versatile, and they are extremely fashionable and stylish in a simple and natural way, so you do not have to arrange your wardrobe after the poncho, because the poncho adjusts to your wardrobe all by itself. The only thing you have to decide is which of our ponchos you love the most and what your favorite color is. Then we definitely have a poncho with your name on it. We have a hard time choosing as we are completely amazed by all our sustainable ponchos! 


    Our ponchos are made so they are onesize. This makes it easy for you because you do not have to worry about which size that is right for you. We have made sure that our ponchos dress everyone in a way so that it looks completely natural on you. It will without a doubt look like you were born to wear it, and it was made to be worn by you - a match made in heaven. 

    All our knitted ponchos with fur pieces and our fur ponchos have a beautiful and natural fall, which fits perfectly on the body.  

    Loose fit 

    Some of our ponchos have a loose fit, which makes it extra comfortable to use outdoor as a jacket. You will feel soft and warm in the most comfortable way you have ever tried before. 

    Fur poncho for women 

    Among our selection of knitted fur ponchos, you will find our Molly, Molly Deluxe, Aubrey, and Trine poncho. These ponchos are all made from the softest rabbit fur from Southern Europe. 

    Our Maggie poncho, on the other hand, is made of the most beautiful and sheepskin fur from New Zealand, which is characterized by the curly and raw look that the fur has from nature. If you love a versatile look, this poncho is something for you as it never fails even when the weather does! 

    They each have something very special to offer when it comes to styling and look because they have beautiful patterns in the fur that adds the final touch. For example, Trine has a completely irresistible checkered pattern, while Molly and Molly Deluxe are characterized by slanted lines, which make the poncho look even more exclusive. Aubrey is its very own and differs enormously from our other ponchos by having a cardigan-like shape, which makes the poncho lie over your shoulders and arms like a dream. The ponchos have in common that they are incredibly soft and can keep you warm and comfortable regardless of time and place. If you want to give yourself a hug that never stops, treat yourself with one of our fur ponchos. It is sustainable, fashionable and allows you to do something good for yourself or someone you care about. What are you waiting for? 

    Our fur ponchos come in all sorts of colors, so you can find the one that fits perfectly with your favorite shoes or your brand-new favorite jacket. You are offered enormous freedom of choice and a wealth of options when choosing your luxurious fur poncho for women. Sustainable fashion has never been more stylish and comfortable, as with our collection of ponchos. 

    Knitted ponchos for women 

    What is better than a knitted poncho with a characteristic touch of fur from nature? Our selection of knitted ponchos with fur consists of our Kathrine, June and Helen ponchos.  

    Kathrine is a long, knitted poncho that is particularly suitable for cool weather as it really keeps the heat around the whole body. In addition, it has details of genuine raccoon fur from the USA, which both look enormously luxurious, at the same time as it keeps you warm. June is a shorter version of a knitted poncho, which also has details of raccoon fur at the collar and on the sleeves. Perfect for adding a bit of an edge to your outfit and for keeping you warm in a cool breeze. Our Helen poncho differs a bit by having details of certified fox fur from Finland on the collar and sleeves. This is a very elegant poncho, which has a beautiful shape and form that is guaranteed to make you smile when you wear it. 

    As it is with our fur ponchos, it also is with the knitted ones - they come in all sorts of classic colors, so you can find the perfect one for you and your needs. Maybe you need a new item in your winter wardrobe that should create a common thread? Then one of our knitted ponchos is a really good offer! They are great for all occasions, both weekdays and weekends. 

     How do I style my sustainable poncho? 

    Our ponchos are very versatile and can be worn all year round regardless of style. They fit into pretty much every woman's wardrobe, which is why it is a beautiful and extremely essential item to have. The poncho can be used in many contexts and can be styled up and down as needed. 

    Over a jacket 

    When it is cold outside for autumn and winter, you will love wearing your poncho over a smart leather jacket or elegant winter coat. Then you can keep warm, and you never have to worry about freezing again. 

    Style your poncho with a pair of cool stilettos and you are ready for a night on the city with friends or for dinner party on a Friday or Saturday night. In addition, one of our fur bags would look brilliant to such an outfit! 

    To feel warm indoor 

    Our ponchos with genuine fur are certainly not just for use without a door, as you can easily freeze indoor during the winter. Here is a lovely and elegant poncho - just what you need! Throw it over a dress or style it with a pair of our leggings. You are going to feel more beautiful than ever, and people will without a doubt wonder where you get your natural beauty and charisma from.  One of our fur ponchos can do the trick! 

    A light jacket for a cool summer evening 

    On a cool summer evening, one of our fur ponchos can really do wonders. With such a poncho, you do not have to sit squeezed and wrapped in large blankets and sweaters when the sun goes down. You can just put on your beautiful fur poncho and feel warm outside all night long. Make your summer even better and buy your very own poncho with genuine fur for women now. 

    You have all sorts of good reasons to pamper yourself with a fur poncho. We see no reason why you should not fall completely in love with a sustainable and 100% natural beauty, as all our ponchos are. Which of our genuine fur ponchos is your favorite? 

    Let the warmth embrace you as you try one of our beautiful knits. They are made of wool, and they have collars of different types of fur, such as raccoons, rabbits, or foxes. Our knits are available in many different colors and can suit any style. All our knits are one size, so there is no need to worry about if it is the right size you have chosen. If you need a new best friend, or you feel a need to rediscover true love, open your heart and welcome our collection of knits. It is a whole new, and completely magical way to blend in with nature. Find your new knitwear at NATURES Collection and be filled to the brim with joy and warmth inside and out. 

    A natural, comfortable feeling 

    Sometimes it can be hard to give yourself a pat on the shoulder. Make it easy for yourself with one of our gorgeous ponchos or cardigans with genuine fur. They will take care of you and warm you all the way to the core because it feels like a hug that lasts as long as you wear the beautiful knitwear. 

    The softness of the genuine fur is a quality that you are guaranteed with us, as we only work with natural products. This feeling of true nature cannot be fooled, as each piece of genuine fur has its very own radiance. It almost gets personal, and this attachment you will get to your new poncho or knitted fur cardigan once you feel it in your hands and around your body. It will give you a life-affirming feeling of something as pure as genuine fur. It is wonderful on a scale that is hard to imagine. Therefore, we suggest that you try it out and feel it on your own body. Then you know what we are talking about, and you will be reminded of it time after time when you put on the elastic. 

    It will bring out your best memories in nature. Maybe you are standing on a sunny meadow with flowers and light wind, or in the Alps with unobstructed views over snow-capped mountains and the scent of freedom? If you love searching into the woods where you can hear birds chirping and streams and smell forest and various trees so the air feels lighter than ever, then this is where you will end up. There are no limits.  

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