Sheepskins from NATURES Collection come in many shapes, colours and sizes. With the world's largest and finest selection of natural sheepskin rugs, you are sure to find a fitting sheepskin rug for your home. The premium quality rugs and natural hides all come directly from nature. At NATURES Collection we live and breathe our passion for New Nordic Living, and we believe that sheepskin and hides are intrinsic to our northern heritage. No Nordic Living without a natural sheepskin from NATURES Collection.

We have natural curly sheepskin if you like a rustic look. And for the adventurous we have colourful sheepskin. And for those just looking for the classic natural sheepskin, we have plenty for you to choose from.  

Genuine sheepskin

Sheepskins from NATURES Collection are 100% genuine. When lying on a real sheepskin from us, you are really able to feel and sense the quality. Our sheepskin comes from all over the world. We have our classic sheepskin from New Zealand. You will also find our curly sheepskin from the tibet. If you are looking for a more rustic sheepskin, you should take a look at our Icelandic pelts. Sheepskin from the island of Gotland, just out from the eastern coast of Sweden, are an exclusive natural skin. 


Sheepskin rugs online

NATURES Collection brings sheepskin online. View all of our many sheepskin right here. Browse all the different colours, shapes and sizes. Sheepskin is a perfect product in every way. It gives you the charm and feel of "hygge" and have a long line of benefits. Also check out our seat covers made of sheepskin, they will definitely provide "hygge".


Sheepskin is good for you

A sheepskin is first and foremost a 100 % natural product which has been used for thousands of years in most civilizations across the northern hemisphere. Today sheepskin are still recognized as a product with remarkable properties, the look, the feel and to the unique atmosphere it gives to any room or furniture, for the high level of sustainability or for its irreplaceable part of the circular economy. Sheepskins also have a long line of proven health impacts on human life.
The most well-known property of a sheepskin is the wool’s ability to regulate your body temperature and improve your blood circulation. The regulating properties in wool help the body increase heat when it is cold and to reduce heat when it is too warm.

This feature goes hand-in-hand with the wool’s soothing effect on sensitive or inflamed skin. Our innovative and state-of-the-art manufacturing process makes sure that the natural content of lanolin in the wool is retained in the final product which, unlike faux fur, makes sure that the product is environmentally friendly. Faux fur or faux sheepskins on the other hand, are based on fibres (micro plastic) made from petrochemicals, which of course are environmentally unfriendly and does not give you any of the multiple benefits of natural wool fibres. 
If you have the choice, always go with nature.