We take pride in offering you the highest quality of skins, hides, cushions along with various of other innovative items.


The key item in our interior collection is high-quality sheepskins made into various products such as design rugs, cushions, throws or as decoration for your home. Our unique knowledge of sheepskin is a result of years in the industry, combining the wishes of our customers with a selection of the finest raw material. This means that NATURES Collection is the no. 1 distributor of high-quality sheepskins in Europe. 


Beyond our broad collection of sheepskins, NATURES Collection has much more to offer. We always carry a wide assortment of skins, hides, throws, and cushions made of interesting and sustainable materials. Among our proudest products are Finnish reindeer hides, Mongolian goatskins, cowhides as well as all our customised products for interior projects around the globe.