Alpaca Cushion | 50x50 cm

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Color: Black
Size: 50x50 cm
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Alpaca wool is considered the softest and most exclusive of all kinds of wool. When you touch the skin, you can easily feel and understand the quality and softness. This cushion is made of the finest alpaca wool and gives a soft and luxurious look for your couch, armchair or bed. Besides being incredibly soft, the cushions are also hard-wearing and keeps a soft surface and beautiful look for many years.

Size: 50 x 50 cm
Wool Length: about 5 cm
Type: straight, smooth wool
Coat thickness: thick
Dyed/natural: dyed
Made of: perfectly matched pieces

Alpacas live in the Andes mountains in South America where they graze on highest mountain tops and in the lowest valleys. They are accompanied by experienced farmers and are raised for the local meat production. Their hides of the Alpaca, that is part of the Llama family, are a byproduct of this meat industry.

Alpaca is known for its incredibly soft and exclusive wool, which is often called the softest wool in the world. And rightfully so, we think, alpaca cushions feel absolutely wonderful. Such softness is hard to convey on pictures and has to be experienced. On top of the incredibly softness Alpaca cushions have a wonderful shine and look very luxurious. With different available colours, such as exclusive black, ivory white or shiny taupe, alpaca cushions look beautiful in every home. Whether you prefer a more rustic country house style or live in a modern flat, alpaca cushions a that special something to a home decoration.

These cushions measure 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20 inches) and fit nicely onto the sofa, an armchair or the bed. With the high quality and wonderful softness, alpaca cushion make great addition to every home.

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