New Zealand Sheepskin Cushion - LongWool | 35x35 cm.

SKU: NCL1055\Aubergine\35x35 cm

Color: Aubergine
Size: 35x35 cm
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Size: 35 x 35 cm
Wool Length: 5-8 cm
Type: curly, soft wool
Coat thickness: thick
Dyed/natural: dyed
Made of: perfectly matched pieces
Our sheepskin cushions are made of 100 % sheepskin and are very fashionable. The cushion has a perfect size for the couch, armchair or the bed with other cushions of the same kind. The cushion is made of long wool which gives an extra soft feel in your home.

This fur cushion is crafted from the finest Merino sheepskin has a fabric backing with a practical zipper. The inner cushion can be removed or replaced at any time.
The wool has a length of about 5 cm (2 inches) and is especially thick. The individual hairs are straightened, making the cushion incredibly soft and comfortable to lean on.
A big advantage of a dyed cushion is that the lovely colour is uniform, making the cushion easy to combine with other colours.

The most common use of the pillow is as an extra padding on the living room couch. But also an armchair or the bed become infinitely more comfortable thanks to the wonderful cushion.
The practical size of 35x35 cm (about 16x16 inches) makes the cushion very versatile and easy to use. It does not appear too large or too small, but has exactly the right size for most chairs and sofas.
While the cushion provides good back support, it is also a great head rest. If you prefer, you can even exchange the inner cushion with a thinner one and use the cushion as a seat pad.

The sheepskin that has been used to craft the cushion stems from New Zealand or from merino sheep from New Zealand to be more precise. Just like every other product in our range, the sheepskin is a byproduct of the local food production. That means that the material, that otherwise would have been discarded, is put to good use. Sustainability is a big factor for us in all we do and this way we can contribute to reducing waste and make sure that if lamb meet is being produced, all of the animal is utilised.
The sheepskin that is used for our cushion is of high quality, an aspect that we can ensure by working closely with experienced farmers that we can trust and that raise their sheep carefully and lovingly. Every animal roams the landscape freely and is being looked after with great care. It is important to remember: Only a happy animal has nice fur.

A sheepskin cushion from New Zealand does not need a lot of care. We recommend regular shaking and occasional brushing of the cushion. Stains can be removed with a damp cloth and dried stains can be brushed out.
While the cushion in theory can be machine washed, we don't recommend machine washing. The fur would become matted and might harden a bit. Machine washing is possible, but we only recommend it as a last resort.

We know online shopping can be tricky for fit and sizing. We have done our absolute best to create a size guide to help you find the right size. If you have any questions about the size guides below reach out to and we will help you out.

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