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Article: 5 ways to change your living room

5 ways to change your living room -

5 ways to change your living room

Are you missing something in the living room and are you having a hard time figuring out what it is? Don’t you worry, we think that we have found the answer! It is important to feel at home and to be in a calm and good atmosphere, when you are at home. With our skin- and fur products you get the chance to bring nature into your living room in a discreet and beautiful way. With real fur and skin, you can add a cool and natural touch to your living room, and your friends and family will notice it instantly! We have gathered 5 reasons why you should change your living room today. It is going to be easy-peasy! 

1. Treat your eyes and your feet with beautiful fur

We only work with 100% real skin and fur, so you are guaranteed a high-quality product. This is easy to see on a distance and you can also feel the nature, when running your fingers through the soft fur. Besides that, real fur is a very durable and long-lasting material, which is the reason why you can look forward to many years with your fur cushions, rugs and more. All you need to make sure of, is to take care of your furry items correctly. For example, you should remember to brush your natural sheepskin rug with a sheepskin brush regularly to make it look as good as new even though you walk on it more times a day. You can read more about how to clean a sheepskin rug by clicking here.

Another good thing about fur products is that they can make your home more personal. First of all, we are sure that your natural fur items will get a very special place in your heart, because they are very exclusive, luxurious and extremely soft. Over-all they are totally irresistible. Second of all, there are not two fur products that are identical, because they are 100% natural. This means that you can be sure, that no one has a fur cushion, a cowhide or a sheepskin rug like yours, and that it is something very special in your living room. Who does not want that in their living room?  

2. Get a sustainable living room

Our interior items are not only exclusive and luxurious, but they are also a sustainable approach to your living room because of more reasons. We work with almost all kinds of fur, for example sheep skin, rabbit fur, cowhide, fox fur, raccoon fur and more. We get most of our skin from the meat industry, which means that we use the beautiful material that had been wasted otherwise. Instead of wasting the lovely and useful fur and skin you can decorate your living room with it. We think that it is important to minimize resource waste by using the animals fully. Now you can make a sustainable choice by decorating your living room with natural fur.

sheepskin rug

Another good point about real fur is that it is a very long-lasting and durable material. You can look forward to making some of the best memories with friends and family in your living room with our interior collection, because the items are here to stay. It also means that you do not have to buy new products all the time, which is also good for the environment. Getting high quality items of real fur to your home feels great, but getting high quality items of real fur, that are sustainable, to your home feels even better! It is a long-lasting investment that anybody should make, if you ask us! 

3. Surround yourself with nature

Make any corner of your home something special. Imagine living in a house, where you can find a soft spot in every corner? It is not hard to decorate your house this way. Buy a sheepskin for every mood and every corner and lay it there. It will automatically look fantastic and very inviting. This also makes our guests feel welcome, because there is always a comfortable place to sit in your home.

Icelandic sheepskin

Being outside gives anyone a shot of energy that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Unfortunately, the weather won’t allow us to enjoy nature anytime we want. So how do you get this shot of natural energy, when you really need it? Buy a natural sheepskin and enjoy the natural look, smell and texture inside your home. You will be safe and comfortable inside but still close to nature and be energized just as well. We know that it is much better to be outside, but how about making the good times outside even better? Take your sheepskin rug or seat cover with you outside and be comfortable and very close to nature at the same time. That is just brilliant! 

Sheepskin garden

4. Be more creative

When it comes to changing your living room, we offer a great selection of real fur products that can make your home even more cozy, stylish and warm. We have products of all kinds in more designs, and we have a wide color range, so you can decorate the living room of your dreams. It is a natural, exclusive and very soft universe, so join us, and explore our world. We are sure, that you will love it as much as we do!

Take a look at our beautiful sheepskin. We have a great selection of sheepskins from all over the world, for example from Tibet, New Zealand, Gotland, UK, Iceland and more. Every sheepskin has something special to offer, so we suggest that you take a look at our different sheepskin before choosing the one, that you want to decorate your living room with. One thing is for sure – all of our sheepskins are high-quality products, as they are soft in a natural way that you have never felt before and they are a beautiful piece of nature. It is all up to you, and we are confident, that we have the perfect sheepskin for your new living room.

sheepskin cover

A sheepskin can add some nature to your home. It gives a warm and cozy atmosphere, that you would love to have in your home. Besides that, it is a luxurious item that looks great no matter how you want to use it. Place it over the couch or as a detail on the chair in the corner. You can also lay it on the floor for our kids to play on. 

If you want a raw natural look to your living room you should, without a doubt, take a look at our Icelandic sheepskin. They are very durable and have long, nature-like hairs. If you want a softer and cozy-looking sheepskin, that is also a cool detail to your home, then a sheepskin from Tibet is the right thing for you. It is known for its long fairy hairs with natural snake curls. It looks gorgeous in any home! Think of how nice it would be to have a lovely sheepskin in your favorite color in your living room. It does not get much better than that!

You can also place an exclusive sheepskin rug under the couch or on the floor in the middle of the room. It adds a cool touch to the interior decoration and your guests will notice it instantly, because of the luxurious and exclusive look of real nature that it will give your living room. A sheepskin rug is perfect for the living room because it looks great, and it is extremely soft at the same time. You are going to love your new sheepskin rug because of its softness and harmonies look.  It gives a lovely atmosphere, and it will make you feel even more at home than ever before. We have a selection of the best sheepskin rugs because of the quality, thought out design and softness.

Austrian Sheepskin

Decorate your living room with some chairs and add some cowhide seat covers to give the chairs life and a natural look. It gives a lovely setting and a cool natural look to your living room. We also have seat covers of sheepskin. Choose whatever is right for you. Only your imagination sets the limits!

5. Get a new and refreshing home

There is nothing more amazing than a brand-new living room. Sometimes we get tired of the old interior that we have been living in for years. It is time to make a change and when it is finally done, the feeling is both relieving and refreshing, am I right? When redecorating an entire room, it can be quite difficult to figure out what kind of items that will fulfill the room and interior design. Bring nature inside and enchant your living room with real sheepskin rugs in more sizes, cushions in beautiful fur and maybe a hot water bottle in moccasin sheepskin? There are endless possibilities and with these items of natural fur you can be sure, that your friends and family will gasp when they come visit you. Our natural products are of the very highest quality, and this is visible in every way. Make your living room an amazing room for refreshing energy, fun times and long naps. We promise you, that you will not regret doing this.

home decor

See all of our amazing products, that will change your living room in an instant by clicking here.

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