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Article: Behind the scenes – NC Studio Sewing Room

Behind the scenes – NC Studio Sewing Room -

Behind the scenes – NC Studio Sewing Room

This time BEHIND THE SCENES takes you into our very own sewing room. At NATURES Collection, we are proud to design and create high quality products. That is why it is amazing to have our own sewing room close by.

Sustainable design

Sustainability takes a big role in both design and production, and this gives us plenty of opportunity to make a lot of different products. 

We have huge respect for nature and the animals as a whole and therefore we collect all leftovers that would normally go to waste and create new products out of it. It can be small remnants of fur that are used for accessories, such as a key ring or something else for your everyday life. 


Customized designs

The good thing about having our own sewing room close at hand is that we can make special orders for cushions, blankets, stitched sheepskins and much more. If you have a wish for a product, in a certain shape or color, we will always be happy to help with it.


Meet our talented furriers  

Kristina, Linda and Viliute come from Latvia and have worked at NATURES Collection for over 1 year. 



Viliute and Linda are working with the fur machines.

Lammeskindspude rettes til

Kristina has previous experience with design and now she loves an everyday life filled with genuine fur and skin.

Kristina tells about the work in the sewing room:

"It's lovely to work here because no days are the same. Something new happens every day and we have both larger orders and smaller special orders".

Our intern, Susanne has a great interest in craftsmanship and design. 
She tells, among other things:


"It's nice to be here, and we take our time with the work and are careful with the products. And then it's exciting to try sewing on a fur machine".

Here, Susanne is making color samples from small scraps that would normally go to waste.



Read more in this article about being a furrier. It's an old profession, and here at NATURES Collection it is something that we are very proud of.


Come and visit us in Soleskov, we are looking forward to making exactly the product you want.

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