Decorate your home with natural sheepskin

If you have come to the point, where your home needs an upgrade or a something new, a sheepskin can be a great way to solve this problem. Natural sheepskins can be used for many different purposes and when it comes to decorating your home, the possibilities are close to endless. At NATURES Collection we have a big selection of different sheepskin-styles for your home. Keep reading and see some of our many products and how they can give your home a new, soft and natural look.


Sheepskins are the safe choice, when it comes to natural interior decoration. A sheepskin comes in a large variety of colours and types, which makes it easy to find one, that suits the interior you wish to add it to. We have sheepskins from New Zealand, Iceland, UK, Tibetan, Austria and Gotland and they all have their own unique look. A sheepskin like these can for instance be used as comfortable decoration on the couch, a chair, the bed or on the floor. 


Find the right sheepskin for your home by clicking here.

Seat Covers

If you need change or extra comfort, our seat covers in natural sheepskin are a great start. Our seat covers comes in all the different sheepskin types and colours. With seat covers you can transform your dining rooms chairs instead of buying new ones. You can also make your favorite chair even better. 

seat cover

See all our seat covers here.


Another easy way to decorate your home is by putting exclusive cushions of natural sheepskin on your couch, bed or elsewhere. We have cushions of all kinds of sheepskin and colours. There are no limits. 

sheepskin cushions

See all our cushions here.

Bean Bag 

They are cute, soft and invites you in immediately. We are talking about our bean bags in New Zealand sheepskin. They come both in Long wool and short wool and they are available in two sizes and nine different colours. The colours are inspired by nature, but we also have some trendy colours. The bean bag is a soft and pretty addition to the living room, but also a great supplement to the kids’ room.

bean bag

You can find all our bean bags here.

Hot Water Bottles

We know, that a hot water bottle is not a piece of furniture, but it is definitely a cozy and very decorative addition to your home. our hot water bottles are made in natural sheepskin from New Zealand and comes in short wool sheepskin and in moccasin. Our hot water bottles are both practical and beautiful and definitely worth it.                     
hot water bottle

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