How do I clean my sheepskin?

Are you also having doubts about how to wash a sheepskin? By reading here you will get to learn more about how to maintain and clean your soft sheepskin.

Never wash your sheepskin in a washing machine!

We know that it is tempting, but you should never wash your sheepskin in a washing machine. A sheepskin is a unique and beautiful natural product, that must be treated with respect for the authentic fur and the natural skin. A sheepskin has been tanned and treated to get its beautiful looks with the soft and shiny fur. During this process the skin has been tanned with salts, which makes the leather, soft and nice. If you wash a sheepskin, that is tanned normally, in the washing machine, the skin will get ruined, because the salts will be washed out of the skin.

If you have a sheepskin that is tanned medically, you can wash it in the machine, but it must be on a wool program at a low temperature (30 degrees) and with wool detergent that contains lanolin.


Can I dry my sheepskin in the dryer?

No. You must never dry your sheepskin in the dryer. If you do, the hairs will get tangled so much, that they cannot be saved, and the skin will get stiff. Instead, you must let your sheepskin air dry in an airy room. You should not place the skin in the sun, because the sunlight can cause discoloration if the skin is colored. The skin cannot be put over a radiator or something alike where it can be heated directly. The sheepskin needs to dry by itself in a natural way, and if you remember to pull the skin on a regular basis when it is drying, it will be just as soft as it was before, and you will make sure, that the leather will keep its natural shape as well.

Finally, you should brush the sheepskin with a sheepskin brush to prevent the hairs from getting tangled and to make sure, that the sheepskin will maintain its silky soft looks.

How do I remove stains from my sheepskin? 

We highly recommend that you never wash your sheepskin in the washing machine, because it is very rough for the skin in general. If you spill something on the sheepskin and it gets some stains, then try removing it with a damp cloth or with a brush. Shake your sheepskin on a regular basis, so the dirt can come off.

You can, without problems, wash your sheepskin by hand. You just need to do it with great care and patience. Wash the fur with a clean cloth with wool detergent and warm water and make sure that the leather will not get wet. If its too hard you just need to keep the leather as dry as possible, so it is easier to maintain its natural shape. When a skin is drying it can crack. Therefore, we recommend washing it by hand, so you can keep the skin dry. Remember to remove the soap completely before you leave it to dry. 

It is always a good idea to call the store where you bought your sheepskin, before washing or treating the sheepskin. We are always ready to help and guide you on the phone every weekday between 8-16.

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