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Article: Sustainable Warehouse - This is how we do it

Sustainable Warehouse - This is how we do it -

Sustainable Warehouse - This is how we do it

Sustainability is a key issue for us and especially in the warehouse, we have introduced a large number of initiatives that make our processes even more sustainable. Read more here and get inspired on how you can easily introduce more sustainable initiatives at home or at work. 

Paper bags

All our bags, in which we pack our orders, are made of paper. That should be the case with all webshops in 2022, but in case you are not yet using this solution, then we encourage you here and now!

Have you checked your packaging provider?

In the autumn of 2021, we changed supplier of all our packaging. Upon a good old-fashioned study of the possibilities that exist, we quickly found out that we could make more sustainable choices. Packaging can be very harmful to the environment because there is a lot of it. Therefore, we wanted to investigate whether we could find a provider that delivered more sustainable packaging that is stronger and easier to handle at the same time.

natures collection lager

Can cardboard boxes be recycled?

When we receive a returned order from the photographer or when cardboard boxes are returned, we strive to use them to the fullest. The cardboard boxes are used for storing other goods or other things and we can reuse the cardboard boxes for new orders as well.

It is all about using them to the fullest, so they don't obtain too much space, which can leed to a quick and non sustainable disposal of the boxes. 

bæredygtigt lager

We would like to get some recyclable cardboard boxes and we are still looking for a solution, but our orders must always be packed in cardboard boxes that have a thickness that is not to be found among the recyclable cardboard boxes. That makes it a little difficult to find, but we do not give up!

More sustainable initiatives on the way!

We are always searching for more ways to be sustainable. In addition, we are also working on finding recyclable tape at the moment.

natures collection lager

We use many meters of tape every day, so this is an obvious opportunity to focus on sustainability again.

How are you sustainable in your company?

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