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Article: The new collection of fur vests is here!

The new collection of fur vests is here! -

The new collection of fur vests is here!

Are you in need of something new in your wardrobe? Maybe you need a little self-pampering? Maybe a natural piece of clothing is just what you are missing. Then you do not need to look much further. See our brand-new selection of beautiful vests made of fur. You will certainly be more than happy with one of our new vests, as the design is timeless and as they can be worn all year round.

Therefore, a fur vest is without a doubt worth it all. Renew your wardrobe here and now with one of our new designs and enjoy the sky-high quality, the new and well-thought-out design, and the 100% natural fur, which offers an incredible softness. Explore our new vests and find your absolute favorite.

The only thing you risk is that you fall in love with up to several of our new styles and that it becomes difficult for you to limit yourself to one. We ourselves have a very hard time choosing!

A timeless design

At NATURES Collection, we are in favor of the stylish look, exclusive details, and the natural appearance. This is reflected in the timeless design that all our new vests exude. Our new vests have beautiful and elegant details, which highlight the lovely fur and show nature from its absolute best angle. A fur vest is so luxurious, soft, and warm, which can all be seen from a distance and felt as soon as you put on your new vest.

Our new vests can be used year after year and still be as modern as the last time you wore it. It is the benefit of fur and classic design because it never goes out of fashion, and you can feel beautiful, elegant, and confident always. It is all you need in a vest. 

Long vests

Among our new vests you can find two long vests that oozes of nature and elegant details.

Our Courtney vest is a long sheepskin vest that closes with visible buttons, as a beautiful detail, and it has a stylish collar. This vest is good for everyday use and for other events, as it can be styled up and down with lovely accessories.

See the Dawn vest which has a special look with its mint green color and double-sided sheepskin fur. This is a very exclusive and beautiful vest with details of long fur on the pockets and on the collar. It gives the final natural touch that is impossible to resist.

fur vest

Find this beautiful vest and many other vests here.

Short vests

Our new, short vest, Ivette, has a teddy look, which is very popular, and with good reason. The vest closes with a zipper and has a fresh look that can live up any outfit. With a high collar, you can close the vest completely around the neck, so you are sure to feel warm and comfortable, even though this vest is short. Style it with jeans, a dress, a skirt or throw it over a suit depending on the purpose. With a short vest like this, you only have options. Take the chance and get a natural item to your wardrobe with our new Ivette vest. 

short fur vest

High quality fur

Our new vests are made of sheepskin fur, which has a natural and soft look at the same time. Sheepskin fur is an incredibly durable material, as it has adjusted to the raw climate over the years. Therefore, it can take a bit of everything, and it is long lasting due to the sky-high quality. Therefore, the material is perfect for a nice vest that you can enjoy both outdoor and indoor.

This also means that our new vests have a long life, so you can enjoy them year after year. This is all since NATURES Collection only works with 100% natural materials of the highest quality, as the material is carefully selected for quality, look and sustainability.

Sustainable materials

Did you know that sheepskin fur is a sustainable material? We select all our fur carefully, which is why we get our sheepskin from the meat industry. In other words, we use the fur that would otherwise have been wasted. Now you can help reduce the waste of resources. We see many benefits of using the entire animal, rather than the usable fur that can keep you warm and upgrade your wardrobe being thrown out. Besides, the smart thing about skins and furs, which are natural materials, is that they can degrade themselves in nature. Another sustainable initiative that we love, and that is another reason why we only work with genuine sheepskin fur and other fur types. 

Amazingly soft sheepskin

Not only are you offered a beautiful and stylish design with our new furs, but the vests also bring a great softness, as they are made of genuine fur. When you wear one of our new vests, you will feel as if you are getting a hug that lasts as long as you wear the coat. It's absolutely amazing and it is definitely something that you deserve.

Enjoy the softness by wrapping yourself in one of our new vests. It is fantastic and you are guaranteed to feel at home and fashionable at the same time when you are wearing one of our stylish designs.


long fur vest

How can you style your new vest?

With one of our new fur vests without sleeves, you are offered an incredible number of options, which is why you will be able to wear a luxury fur vest to almost any outfit and achieve the natural edge that the vest oozes of.

1. We love the look with jeans, a classic long-sleeved shirt and a pair of matching boots to one of our new vests. See for example our leather leggings, which now come in more colors than ever before. In addition, you can look in our selection of warm and stylish boots and sneakers and find the perfect outfit for your new wardrobe.

2. You can also choose a short vest over a dress. It gives a beautiful and classic outfit, which is an irresistible look both at work and when you go out for dinner with your friends.

3. If you are the type who loves the look of a raw leather jacket, then you should without a doubt have a warm vest that you can wear over it when it gets really cold. That way, you can continue to use your beloved leather jacket all year round and even give it a great exclusive and natural look with fur.

These are just suggestions on how to style your new vest. There are no rules, and you can do exactly what you want with your new, elegant vest. There are an unlimited number of options, and the choice is entirely up to you!

Feel warm all year around

One of our new fur vests is guaranteed to be your new best friend for all future winter seasons. The coat will keep you warm and comfortable, even in the worst winter cold. This applies indoor, where the vest can give your outfit a lot of luxurious edge but also outdoor, where you can take the vest outside over one of your jackets for extra warmth.

Wear your vest during the summer and extend the cool summer evenings on the terrasse. With a nice vest you can feel warm and look beautiful and elegant at the same time. It's absolutely perfect.

This is a natural quality of real fur and skins, as it has adjusted to the raw climate over the years. Natural fur is therefore heat-regulating and has a natural warming effect when it is cold. Our vests can be closed, so you have any opportunity to keep the heat very close to the body and make sure that the cold stays on the outside. In other words, you are covered at all times. Especially during the winter months, we recommend one of our long new vests, for example Dawn, as your legs can be kept warm by the long vest.

Explore our new styles and let yourself be inspired and fall in love with our vests, which are ready to sweep you off your feet. They are timeless in design and 100% natural, which is why you cannot help but be blown completely away by the high quality and the extreme softness and warmth that they are ready to offer you. Which one of our new styles are you missing in your wardrobe? We can only say that we need one of each. LEAST!

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