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Article: Why wear fur?

Why wear fur? -
animal rights

Why wear fur?

If you take a look at the fashion industry today, especially one thing stands out. It is not the coloring, patterns or designs that takes focus, it is also sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion can be found at many designers and is definitely here to stay. When we call fashion sustainable, it could be because the material is sustainable, reusable or biodegradable. It could also be because the production of these materials is eco-friendly. If one or more of these initiatives are taken, the clothes can be classified as sustainable fashion. An interesting thing in this matter is, that there is, in fact, a material within the fashion industry, that is 100 % sustainable in all factors. This material is fur, and this material is the core material of NATURES Collections styles.

Sustainable fashion

The use of real fur has an important purpose in relation to sustainability. The clothes, that is made of natural materials, can biodegrade themselves in nature and pose no environmental risks. An alternative to fur is clothes made of synthetical plastic fibers made of petroleum. This is, opposed to natural skin and fur, not eco-friendly and not sustainable at all. It is a resource, that cannot biodegrade. Also, a fur jacket has a very long durability. It will hold its unique and beautiful natural shine for many many years, if only you take good care of it.

fur coat

Find this beauty and all our other fashion styles here.

It is often falsely assumed, that when you take the fur from an animal, the rest of the animal is wasted. This is far from the truth. Many of our products are made from fur and skin, that comes from the meat industry. The animal has been used and the skin is actually thrown away. We then pick it up and make it beautiful. The other animals, that are not a part of the meat industry, are returned to nature, where they are eaten by other animals and function as a part of the natural food chain. At NATURES Collection we care a lot about sustainability and animal welfare, so that our products are of high quality and in good sense. It is also important to us to mention, that the handling of fur require very mild chemicals to protect the fur. This also means, that we do not use strong chemicals to manipulate the natural fur and durability. It simply will not make sense.

So, if you want to be in on fashion and buy sustainable fashion, you can in good sense invest in an amazing fur jacket from NATURES Collection. We have a wide selection of sustainable fashion made of real skin and fur. At NATURES Collection we have it all; from slippers in lambs wool to exclusive fur coats. In our webshop you will find our amazing products and guides that can help you find the perfect fur jacket and find out how you make sure to take good care of it.

Click here and read our sheepskin care guide.

Click here and read our guide to how to find the perfect fur jacket.


Hi Caroline,

many thanks for your good questions regarding animal welfare. It is a very important issue, also to us!

You ask about how the animals are treated in the meat industries we buy our skins from – we only buy excessive skins and fur from countries with law and regulations as we have in Denmark, where animal welfare is taken into account.

Our sheepskin come from New Zealand, Australia, USA, Ireland, England and Spain. These countries have laws and regulations that ensures that the farmers have rules to follow regarding the animal welfare. This makes ud sure, that the sheep have had a good life. We d not buy skin from the Middle East, North Africa or other countries without laws about animal welfare.

Mostly, the sheepskins we use, come from New Zealand where the sheep are outside all year round on the green fields. In the cold areas, the sheep are provided with extra food in winter times, but otherwise they live 100% of nature.

You can read more about the process here:

Kind regards, Anne Mette

NATURES Collection

It’s great that none of the animal is wasted in production and cheap, disposable plastic, vinyl substitutes are replaced. It’s also great natural or bio degradable chemicals are used in the process – although China is definitely not known for their care of the environment, hopefully you have strict measures in place…..
But how are the animals treated in the meat industries you select? Farmed animals are notorious for animal abuse. Surely they are not organic/free-range rabbits, sheep, goats etc? The horns, game skins are wild game from RSA which is great. Clean and sustainable and a happy beast are paramount.
Interested in your response


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