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    Make a bargain and look through our many special offers. All our products are made of natural materials and have the highest quality. Fall in love with a mink jacket from last season, a fur vest, our popular mink hair elastic or spot the perfect opportunity to buy high-quality products of 100% natural materials.


    High quality

    Nothing feels better than pampering yourself with a high-quality product. Perhaps pampering yourself with a high-quality product of genuine fur almost no money! Here is your chance. Take a look at our collection on sale, which is filled with lovely products of sky-high quality. We work with real fur from all over the world of almost all kinds. We select our materials with great care, so you are guaranteed an item that you cannot be more than perfectly satisfied with. This also applies to our items on sale. Just because they are on sale, does not make them worse or less natural - on the other hand, you can get a great product and safe some money.


    Genuine fur and skin

    At NATURES Collection, we love genuine fur and skins, and with good reason! Not only is it beautiful and has a charm that oozes of quality and nature, but it can also be something very special. Any a type of fur has something to offer if used properly. With our products, we wish to highlight nature from its raw and genuine perspective, and we have made use of the skin and fur in the most appropriate way by thinking through each and every design down to the smallest detail. We work with a long list of fur and skin types, for example, sheepskin, rabbit fur, raccoon and fox fur, cowhide, mink fur and more. In our sale collection you can also find some of these many fur types, which you can read more about here.



    We work with sheepskin and sheepskin fur from all over the world. sheepskin is a very versatile and durable material from nature, which is why it can be used for all sorts of things. It is fantastic. Among other places, we get our sheepskin from New Zealand, Tibet, Iceland, UK and Gotland. Each type of sheepskin can be used for something very special, and when we design our products, we want to emphasise the quality and naturalness of the material in the best way. Read about New Zealand, Tibetan and Icelandic sheepskin here. It is these types that we primarily work with. 

    We use New Zealand sheepskin, and an incredible amount of it, because it can be used for so many different things. It is a type of sheepskin that is dense in the fur in a way so that it still has a fine and soft look. The hairs can be long, so the fur has a wild expression of the raw nature, but they can also be cut short all the way down to 12 mm, so the fur gets a fantastically soft and smooth surface. This type of fur is called moccasin. Next, it may have a curly coat so that the sheepskin looks teddy-like. It is quite incredible. Because sheepskin from New Zealand is so versatile, one of the many benefits is that it can be used for pretty much anything from an ordinary sheepskin for the chair, as a rug, a hot-water bottle cover or for jackets. There are no limits, and we absolutely love it!

    Icelandic sheepskin is characterised by having a raw look that can really bring nature up close. The sheepskin is durable and rough in its looks, as it has adapted to the changeable and harsh climate in nature. The fur is long, and when you hold an Icelandic sheepskin in your hands, you will have no doubts that it is a true piece of nature. The Icelandic sheepskin is perfect for the interior decoration as a decorative element because it brings a Nordic charm that is not to be found anywhere else.

    Sheepskin from Tibet is something very special. This type of fur is very characteristic with its long, beautiful snake curls that confusingly resemble fairy hairs. It gives a light and whimsical look, which is amazingly decorative in any home. That is why we love to use Tibetan sheepskin for pillowcases or sheepskin covers, which can bring nature into your home. Next, the fur is beautiful on a bag as it gives a very special and exclusive look. You really cannot do anything else but love Tibetan sheepskin.

    In addition, sheepskin fur has a lot of natural qualities that we can make use of. For example, sheepskin fur is heat-regulating, so it retains heat well when it is cold. This makes this type of fur ideal for making beautiful high-quality fur jackets. It also means that the coat has a cooling effect when it is hot, so you can replace your worn and old blankets with a sheepskin when you need to sit comfortably in the sun during the summer or on a picnic with the family. In addition, the sheepskin fur offers great comfort, due to the dense and strong hairs. That way, sheepskin has a lot of good and natural qualities that you can enjoy. There is no reason not to be completely in love with genuine sheep skin. We are!


    Rabbit fur

    Rabbit fur is characterised by being silky soft and completely enchanting to the touch. We get our rabbit fur from Southern Europe, more specifically from France and Spain. We are dealing with two natural types of rabbit fur: the regular and the even more luxurious rex rabbit. Both types of rabbit fur are amazingly soft, beautiful, and completely natural. However, rex rabbit is finer in the quality, which is shown by the fact that it has less tendency to shed, although this is a very common for genuine rabbit fur. Therefore, the rex rabbit is also a bit more expensive than the regular rabbit fur.

    Rabbit fur is beautiful due to its silky soft hairs. We love to make jackets, vests, ponchos, bags, pillows, hot-water bottle covers and much more and it creates a natural, warm atmosphere. It is great for fashionable items to your wardrobe because the soft fur has a glossy and beautiful look.


    Raccoon fur

    Raccoon fur is lovely, and it is even more lovely on sale! We get our raccoon fur from the USA, and we have selected it with great care. Raccoon fur looks great as a nice detail on jackets, collars, or hats. The hairs are long and oozes of nature and high quality with its beautiful color shades. We have taken advantage of that. Find your favorite item with genuine raccoon fur from the USA among our sale items now.

    Fox fur

    Fox fur from Finland has a raw and natural look, and it is beautiful as details on jackets, coats, vest ponchos and much more. The fox fur comes into its own by not being tamed, so you can see and feel the natural, long hair on distance. We have taken care of that. In addition, we have carefully selected all our fur so that it has the highest and finest quality.

    Mink fur

    If you really want to pamper yourself and make a coup that you will never regret, then you should see our items on sale of genuine mink fur. All our mink is certified and from Denmark, so it is 100% natural and fantastic in its quality. Mink fur has a luxurious look, and it is not to be mistaken. The hairs are smooth and have a shiny surface that cannot be overlooked. When you buy it on sale, it will feel even better - almost like getting it for free!

    Focus in sustainability

    Not only can you find your new dream jacket, vest, hat, or something fourth in this collection at an absolutely fantastic price, but our products are also sustainable. It is almost too good to be true.

    We get by far most of our fur from the meat industry, as the beautiful skin is a typical by-product to the production of meat. Instead of letting the lovely fur go to waste, we find it far more advantageous to use it so we can enjoy it and remember the nature of the animal. It is quite amazing that something as luxurious as genuine fur products reduces the waste of resources.

    Next, genuine furs and skins are sustainable because they are very long-lasting materials. Therefore, do not go out and buy new products over and over again, as one time is enough. What if your next jacket, which you will be able to use season after season, is also bought on sale? It is a saving that can really pay off.

    There are many benefits to buying our high-quality fur products on sale. It is like giving yourself an extra gift and you deserve it. Just because the price is reduced, the quality is not. Make yourself the bargain of your life by diving into our natural universe with beautiful items for your home and your wardrobe. You will get the feeling that it is almost too much and almost free.

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