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11 products
    11 products
    NC Fashion Nelly Bags Beige
    Nelly Bag | Sheepskin -
    Beige Pink White Black +6
    Nelly Bag | Sheepskin
    NC | Apparel
    NC Fashion Maxi Lamb Roxanne Bags White
    NC Fashion Maxi Lamb Roxanne Bags Pink
    Pink Rose Red White
    Maxi Roxanne Belt Bag | Sheepskin
    NC | Apparel
    NC Fashion Roxy Bags Dark Grey
    NC Fashion Roxy Bags Black
    Black Dark Grey Khaki Light Purple +4
    Roxy Belt Bag | Mink
    NC | Apparel
    NC Fashion Norma Shopper Bags Blue
    NC Fashion Norma Shopper Bags Pink
    Blue Pink Rose Red White +3
    Norma Shopper | Sheepskin
    NC | Apparel
    NC Fashion Nova Bags Beige
    NC Fashion Nova Bags Mint
    Beige Black Blue Hedge Green +3
    Nova Bag | Fox
    NC | Apparel
    NC Fashion Gwen Bags Black
    NC Fashion Gwen Phonebag Bags Pink
    Black Pink Beige Ice Blue +6
    Gwen Phonebag | Sheepskin
    NC | Apparel
    Bags & Clutches - NC Mini Clutch | Mink
    Bags & Clutches - NC Mini Clutch | Mink
    Azure Blue Black Green Navy Blue +1
    NC Mini Clutch | Mink
    NC | Apparel
    Bags & Clutches - Roxanne Belt Bag | Rabbit
    Roxanne Belt Bag | Rabbit -
    Black Leo Mustard Yellow Whisper Grey
    Roxanne Belt Bag | Rabbit
    NC | Apparel
    Bags & Clutches - Mini Glory Shopper | Lambs Wool
    Black Teddy Brown Ice Blue Beige +3
    Mini Glory Shopper | Lambs Wool
    NC | Apparel
    Bags & Clutches - Rosaline Shopper Bag | Double Face Sheepskin
    Beige Black Camel
    Rosaline Shopper Bag | Double Face Sheepskin
    NC | Apparel

    Have you seen our fantastic clutches? We have a wide selection of small handbags, and you are guaranteed to find the clutch that you are missing. Our clutches are made of different fur, which makes it easy for you to find the perfect clutch. Whether you love Tibetan sheepskin, rex rabbit, mink, sheepskin wool, fox, raccoon or all of them, we can promise you that we have the right clutch for you. We will welcome you to our universe of fur and skins.

    High-quality handbags

    In our collection of clutches, you will find a selection of lovely bags made of 100% natural material. Every piece of fur we work with is carefully selected for quality and a beautiful appearance. We love genuine fur for several reasons, but one of them is that it is very durable and has an extremely luxurious look at the same time. Next, we find it special that you can invite nature up close and incorporate it in your everyday life when you make use of one of our clutches. Not only is it a bag that you can use time after time, but you will always feel beautiful, elegant, and raw knowing that you are carrying around a piece of nature. It is quite amazing, and it cannot be replaced with anything else. No doubt about it.

    What types of skin do we work with?

    At NATURES Collection, we work with almost all types of skins from sheepskin fur to mink fur, to cow- and zebra hides. Genuine fur and skins are very durable by nature, which is why we see many benefits in using it for various purposes. Each type of skin is very special, and we have carefully selected what is suitable for our fantastic clutches, so you can be sure of getting a perfect and beautiful clutch. Here you can read more about the types of skins and furs we have used in our unique collection of clutches.

    Raccoon fur

    In this collection you can find our lovely Maxi Elva clutch with genuine raccoon fur from USA. The raccoon fur is well suited for a clutch, as it has long and wild hair, which gives a raw look of nature. In addition, it looks exclusive, as the natural fur has a beautiful color play. Next, the raccoon fur is amazingly soft, and you will have a hard time leaving it once you have felt the beautiful fur.

    Sheepskin fur

    We have several clutches of genuine sheepskin from New Zealand. It is extremely durable and fantastically soft, which is why such a clutch is very ideal to have in your wardrobe. In addition to New Zealand sheepskin, we also work with sheepskin from Tibet, Iceland, Gotland, UK and more.

    We have selected our sheepskin carefully, so you can be sure of getting a product of sky-high quality. This is the perfect way to invite nature into your wardrobe. It is stylish, simple and luxurious at the same time.

    Mink fur

    We only work with certified mink fur from Denmark of highest quality. Mink fur is characterized by being beautiful and shiny on the surface. A clutch of genuine mink fur looks as luxurious and exclusive as it is. If you want to pamper yourself beyond the ordinary, you should definitely see our beautiful clutches of genuine mink fur.


    Is the collection sustainable?

    We care a lot about design and high quality, but something we also have in mind is the environment. Most of the skins and fur we work with is from the meat industry, as the natural material is a typical by-product to the production of meat. Rather than throwing out the amazing fur and letting it go to waste, we prefer using it for something that you can enjoy either at home or in your wardrobe. In this way, the waste of resources is reduced. By buying one of our clutches, you can do something good for yourself and the environment.

    Next, our lovely clutches are extremely durable and have a fantastic durability due to the natural fur and high-quality skin. Therefore, you can be sure that your new clutch will be part of your wardrobe for a long time and therefore you do not have to think about replacing it soon.


    Our selection

    This collection has a selection of clutches in a stylish and fashionable design, which can give any outfit a bit of edge. The genuine high-quality fur, which can be found on all our clutches, gives an exclusive and luxurious expression that cannot be replaced with anything else. Read more about the different styles here and get to know which clutch that suits your needs the best.

    Maxi Havana Clutch

    Maxi Havana is a great clutch, which is quite indispensable if you ask us. The fur bag comes in many different colors, so you without a doubt can find the perfect clutch among them. This clutch is made of the most beautiful sheepskin from New Zealand, which is incredibly soft and fantastically durable in the material. Therefore, do not hesitate to use your new Maxi Havana, as it can easily withstand it. With this clutch, you are guaranteed a bag that you will never get tired of, as the design is simple and gets its edge from the genuine sheepskin fur, which makes it something very special.

    Maxi Elva Clutch

    Our Maxi Elva Clutch is truly an exclusive clutch that looks impressive and luxurious to any outfit. The fox fur is beautiful and natural. The hairs are long and add a raw look, so you will have no doubts that it is a genuine piece of nature that you have in your hands. This clutch is absolutely perfect, as it is large. In this clutch there is room for both your phone, wallet, charger, keys, a bit of makeup, and whatever else you could think of to take with you to go.

    Minnie Skin Bag

    If you are looking for an elegant and extremely luxurious item for your wardrobe, look no further. See our beautiful Minnie leather bag with one side made of the softest leather and one side with genuine mink fur from Denmark. The fur shines and has a glossy look, which is characteristic for genuine mink. This clutch is simple in its expression but oozes of nature and exclusivity at the same time. This clutch has everything you are looking for and even more!

    Shelly Fur Bag

    Shelly is an elegant bag of Kalgan sheepskin fur that has a soft look with beautiful and natural curls. In addition, the bag has a chain that gives the perfect look for an evening out. The bag has the perfect size, as there is room for everything you need such as keys, phone and a lovely lipstick or something else.

    NC Mini Clutch

    NC Mini Clutch is the ideal bag for the occasions where you need to bring the most necessary items. The clutch is small but super nice, and it can give your outfit a natural touch. The bag has a nice detail with a chains and leather details. It gives the bag a raw look that is quite irresistible. This clutch comes in more colors. What color do you like best?


    Clutches for everyone

    Our clutches come in a fantastic range of the most beautiful colors. There are both very classic colors that go well with anything, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you can impress with a more vibrant color such as blue or yellow. Choose a clutch that your wardrobe is missing. There are many options and no restrictions with our clutches, and the choice is all yours. As the collection contains a wide color palette and a selection of different styles, we have no doubt for a second that there are one or more clutches that can meet all your needs. There is truly something for everyone! 

    The perfect clutch for any occasion

    A clutch from this collection will definitely get a very special place in your heart once you have felt the amazing fur. In addition, such a clutch will be a bag that you will return to time after time, as all our clutches have a stylish look, which is also very versatile. A clutch is perfect for almost any occasion and the collection also offers different sizes, so you can choose the one that meets your needs.

    A clutch is easy to carry under your arm when you go to work, but it is also a nice detail for your outfit when you go out for dinner with family or go to the city with your friends. A clutch can contain everything you need, which is why it is a total must-have in any wardrobe. The coat has a casual look as it is soft and warm, but it can get an exclusive look by being styled with a pair of sunglasses and high boots or sandals. If you are looking for a more casual outfit, then a pair of jeans and sneakers is absolutely perfect for one of our fur clutches.

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