3 products
    3 products
    Brazilian Cowhide 4,5 Sqm -
    Brazilian Cowhide 4,5 Sqm -
    Champagne Grey Black/White Exotic Tricolor +7
    Cowhide | Brazil | 4,5 Sqm
    NC | Interior
    from €709,00
    Brazilian Cowhide 3,6-4,5 Sqm -
    Brazilian Cowhide 3,6-4,5 Sqm -
    Champagne Grey Black/White Exotic Tricolor +7
    Cowhide | Brazil | 3,6-4,5 Sqm
    NC | Interior
    from €579,00
    Brazilian Cowhide 3,5 Sqm -
    Brazilian Cowhide 3,5 Sqm -
    Champagne Grey Black/White Exotic Tricolor +7
    Cowhide | Brazil | 3,5 Sqm
    NC | Interior
    from €489,00

    Welcome to our wide selection of Brazilian cow hides. Here you can find the skin you dream of owning. Our skins are natural products and therefore there is only one of each kind.

    Brazilian cow hide creates a rustic or modern style depending on the rest of the decoration. They are very durable and suitable as rugs in the home or in business. They require minimal maintenance and will appear naturally beautiful for many years to come.

    Dive into our wide selection of genuine cowhide and find the skin that appeals to you.

    What you see is what you get

    Each cow hide has been photographed so you can choose which must be yours.

    Brazilian cow hide, that create a rustic or modern style, depending on the chosen décor. Our hides are 100 % natural, which is why each skin is unique and not two hides are alike. The colours shown below should therefore only be considered as a guideline.

    Invite nature into your home with a cow hide

    If you have a hard time putting your finger on what is missing in your interior decoration to make it absolutely perfect? Maybe you have an empty space on the living room floor or in a boring hallway that needs some edge? Then you can stop the search now because we have the answer. You should definitely look for a genuine cowhide! A cowhide is something quite exclusive and luxurious in a way that is so charming and natural that it is unbelievable. It can be hard to imagine, so we recommend everyone to try it. You cannot be anything but amazed by the fantastic skin that brings style, nature, and coziness with it!

    The very special thing about genuine skins is that they have a look that is not to be found anywhere else. The quality can be seen from a long distance. Next, genuine skin can bring an atmosphere that cannot be replaced with anything else in the world. When you see the natural skin in the living room or hallway, the imagination is drawn directly into the open air where the air is fresher. All your senses will set in, and you will find that your mind has dragged you out among tall trees or high up in the most beautiful mountains. Perhaps you will be able to hear the water, with its enchanting sound of water meandering along the forest floor. It is a calm feeling that can only be found in nature, and your new cow hide is without a doubt the key to that.

    Which kind of cow hide do we work with?

    We get our cow hide from Brazil, and with good reason. All our skins are carefully selected for high quality, naturalness, and a beautiful look. Did you know that beef is one of the most exported products in Brazil? One of the most natural by-products is the skin, which can be used for various things after further treatment. We try to use the animal 100% so that nothing is wasted and so the animal can really come into its own.

    When we choose which cow hides, we want to work with, we are very selective, so we can offer the most beautiful skins of the highest quality. Another advantage of the Brazilian cowhides is that, due to the climate, they have the most beautiful color combinations and the most durable and beautiful hair. This is something that Danish cows will never be able to live up to! 

    When we select our skins, it is done based on the hairs, the hair length, the density of the hairs and the shine. The ideal cowhide has dense and strong hair that is also short. Next, the hairs should lay in a natural pattern. In addition, the skin must of course ooze of exclusivity and luxury, which is why we find it important that the cow hide has a glossy surface. It gives the most beautiful and magnificent look to any skin. 

    Is cow hide sustainable?

    A cowhide is very special and luxurious it is a durable material and has completely natural shine, where the hairs lie beautifully along the skin and have a glossy effect. Not only is a cowhide beautiful and can live up any interior design, but they are also a sustainable initiative in your home interior decoration. At NATURES Collection, we are in favor of sustainability, and we have that in mind when we choose which materials we want to work with. 

    In fact, we get a large part of our skin and fur, such as sheepskin, from the meat industry. The natural skin is a typical by-product to meat production, and it is way too often seen that it is going to waste. By buying a genuine cowhide for your interior decoration, the beautiful leather can be used for something instead. It looks great and it will bring a natural harmonious atmosphere to your home so you and your family can feel even more at home in the future.

    We see many benefits in using the skins for something rather than letting it go to waste by throwing it out. In this way, the waste of resources is reduced worldwide, and by inviting a cowhide into your home, you can join in. Why not use the skin for something when it would have been thrown out otherwise? We see absolutely no reason! 

    Another thing about genuine skins is that they are incredibly durable - much more than so many other materials. Therefore, you can be sure that your new cowhide will be part of your interior decoration many years to come. This is also a sustainable initiative, which helps to take care of the planet. Why do something five times when you can settle for one?

    How do you treat a genuine cow hide?

    Our cowhides are of sky-high quality, which is why they are very long lasting. Therefore, you do not have to do much to treat your natural skin, but there are few things that you can do to extend the life of your new skin. Read here.

    You can advantageously air your cowhide, and preferably in frosty weather, as well as shake it regularly to remove loose dirt and give the skin its natural shine back. If you make sure to do this occasionally, your cowhide will look as good as new for a long time!

    If you spill on your cowhide, you can, in all probability, remove the stain with a bit of neutral soap and warm water below 40˚C. Be careful not to scrub too hard as it is bad for the hairs, and you run the risk of the stain spreading further and becoming permanent. Next, remember never to wet your skin completely, as the leather can become stiff after drying, which is not to be saved! In addition, remember that the skin is natural and that you cannot treat it with chemicals or chemical cleaners as it can damage the hair and leather. If there is a stain that you cannot get rid of on your own, contact a professional who is used to working with genuine skins and fur.

    A cowhide is often used as a rug under either the dining table or the living room table. A good tip is to turn the skin regularly so that you avoid a bare spot due to the constant pressure. 

    Make your interior decoration unique

    The very special thing about genuine and natural products such as cowhide and sheepskin is that they are quite unique each and every one. In other words, there is only one of each, although there are many skins. This is because the product is natural. Therefore, all images you see are guiding, and there is a great chance that there will be details on your skin that differ from the image. It can be the size, shape, color and color composition. However, it is quite certain that you will be perfectly happy with your skin, as we only offer high quality skins, which are beautiful, and which exude nature.

    Our skins are amazingly beautiful and have a nice shade due to the Brazilian climate. In our cowhide collection you can find skins in the most beautiful brownish shades of almost all types as well as other natural colors such as black and white. In addition, our skins have a natural shape, so you can really sense the animal. 

    With a genuine cowhide, you can make your interior decoration personal and completely unique, as your new cowhide is not to be found in the neighbour’s house. It will be yours only.  It is as exclusive and luxurious as anything can be if you ask us.

    A cow hide is very versatile

    You can use a natural skin everywhere in your decoration.

    Use your genuine cowhide as a comfortable rug in the hallway or at the end of your bed. It can take it as genuine skin is amazingly durable. In addition, you will love walking on the lovely hairs.

    A cowhide looks amazing under any table. Let nature be the gathering point for you and your family at the dining table with a perfect cowhide in the most beautiful colors under the table. It makes the food taste even better.

    If you need to decorate an empty spot in the living room, then a cowhide is absolutely perfect. It is so beautiful and natural so you can use it as a floor painting! 

    There are many good reasons to check out our amazing cowhide collection. There is a wide selection of high-quality skins from Brazil, and they are not to be missed! Find your favorite skin here and now!

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