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    13 products
    NC Living New Zealand Pouf | Shortwool curly | Cylinder | 41x31 cm. Poufs Anthracite
    NC Living New Zealand Pouf | Shortwool curly | Cylinder | 41x31 cm. Poufs Black
    Anthracite Black Cappuccino Graphite +3
    Cylinder Pouf | 44x33 cm. | New Zealand Sheepskin | SW Curly
    NC | Interior
    NC Living Pouf of Premium Quality Calf Leather w/Handle, Size 45x82x38 CM | Long Poufs Grau
    NC Living Pouf of Premium Quality Calf Leather w/Handle, Size 45x82x38 CM | Long Poufs Brown
    Brown Grau Jersey
    Rectangular Pouf | 45x82x38 cm. | Calf Leather | w/Handle
    NC | Interior
    Sold Out
    NC Living Pouf of Premium Quality Calf Leather w/Handle, Size 45x35x38 CM | Round Poufs Grau
    Pouf | 45x35x40 cm. | Calf Leather | w/Handle
    NC | Interior
    NC Living Pouf of Premium Quality Calf Leather w/Handle, Size 45x45x45 CM | Square Poufs Jersey
    NC Living Pouf of Premium Quality Calf Leather w/Handle, Size 45x45x45 CM | Square Poufs Brown
    Brown Grau Jersey
    Square Pouf | 45x82x38 cm. | Calf Leather | w/Handle
    NC | Interior
    NC Living Pouf of Premium Quality Calf Leather, Size 120X60X80 CM | Large Poufs Brown
    Brown Grau
    Pouf | 120x60x80 cm. | Calf Leather
    NC | Interior
    NC Living Pouf of Premium Quality Calf Leather, Size 92x38x40 CM | Small Poufs Brown
    Brown Grau
    Pouf | 92x38x40 cm. | Calf Leather
    NC | Interior
    Poufs - Design Pouf | 72x26 Cm. | New Zealand Sheepskin | SW
    Poufs - Design Pouf | 72x26 Cm. | New Zealand Sheepskin | SW
    Anthracite/Cappuccino Pearl/Cappuccino
    Design Pouf | 72x26 cm. | New Zealand Sheepskin | SW
    NC | Interior
    Poufs - Square Pouf | 40x40x35 Cm. | New Zealand Sheepskin | SW Curly
    Poufs - Square Pouf | 40x40x35 Cm. | New Zealand Sheepskin | SW Curly
    Anthracite Black Cappuccino Graphite +4
    Square Pouf | 40x40x35 cm. | New Zealand Sheepskin | SW Curly
    NC | Interior

    Our poufs are available in both rectangular and round shapes. With a pouf from our collection, you will be guaranteed both unique comfort and a robust pouf. This ensures a wonderful product that can last for many years. Our collection of poufs will fit perfectly into any home, whether the interior decoration is modern or traditional. Our beautiful poufs are made of cut and curled sheepskin or cowhide of highest quality. They all have a back of calfskin and our latest pouf with short-cut sheepskin is filled with small foam balls that make them more stable. You can choose to add the pouf to one of your existing furniture such as the sofa or chair or simply leave it as a piece of furniture that speaks for itself.


    Give your home a natural touch

    If you feel that your interior decoration is lacking the finishing touch to be complete, but you have a hard time putting your finger on what can do the trick, then we are sure that we have found the right solution for you among our selection of genuine fur- and skin poufs. They ooze of nature and luxury, and they bring a warm Nordic charm to your home.

    A piece of nature brings not only charm and a stylish interior decoration. It brings a lovely atmosphere that will make you feel more than exceptionally comfortable in your home. In time, you will feel at home in a whole new and extremely comfortable way. You can dream out in the open and breathe a sigh of relief by being surrounded by the most beautiful nature when you see the genuine fur. It is quite amazing and once you have experienced this, you will find it extremely difficult to see yourself your home without it. That is the impact genuine fur and skin has on any interior decoration, and we absolutely love it.


    High-quality poufs

    We choose all our skins and fur with great care, so you are guaranteed a product of the highest quality when you shop with us. We agree that the coat and skin look just as natural as it is. Next, the surface must be beautiful and live up to the criteria we have when it comes to high-quality skins. Therefore, it is no coincidence that we only work with cowhides from Brazil, for example. This is because cowhide from Brazil has the most beautiful look and the finest colors, and at the same time it is very longs lasting, as the skins have adapted to the Brazilian climate. This quality is certainly not to be found when it comes to Danish cows. 

    As we only work with genuine leather and fur of the highest quality, you are guaranteed a pouf that can last for many years, as the natural material is fantastically durable, which is a property it has acquired from nature. Therefore, you can look forward to many years with your new pouf, and you will be really happy about that for sure! 

    Next, you not only bring a natural item into your home - you also add a bit of edge to your interior decoration in an extremely exclusive and luxurious way, and none of your guests will have any doubt that your pouf is something quite special. It will undoubtedly sweep you off your feet.


    A personal home

    Personalize your home with a special pouf from our collection of poufs made of genuine skin. Not only is the design stylish and the look is natural, such a pouf is also something extraordinary to have in your home, and there are several reasons for that. Something we love about working with genuine skin and fur is that no sheepskins or cowhides are identical. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that your new pouf is not to be found at the neighbor’s. It will be something characteristic and special for particularly your interior decoration, therefore and the pouf will be able to give your home both warmth, spirit and soul. It is so exclusive if you ask us! Therefore, we are sure that your new pouf with genuine skin will get a place in your heart in no time.


    Real sheepskin

    We love sheepskin and we also love beautiful, stylish poufs with genuine sheepskin. We work with almost all types of sheepskin, for example with sheepskin from New Zealand, Tibet, Iceland, Gotland and UK. In this collection we have made use of the versatile New Zealand sheepskin fur, which you can read more about here.

    New Zealand sheepskin is truly a fantastic material, and it can look in many ways and we love to use it for both fashion and interior design. This type of sheepskin is characterized by being fantastically soft and dense in the fur, so you get a warm feeling by touching the hairs and at the same time you are offered comfort when you sit on it. For the same reason, we have made several poufs with sheepskin, as you can both feel comfortable and warm and experience a comfortable feeling when used as a stool. 

    New Zealand sheepskin can be short or long, smooth, or curly. See our selection of puffs with sheepskin fur and find out what fits best in your home.


    Brazilian cowhide

    In the collection of leather poufs, you will find a large selection of the most beautiful poufs with genuine cowhide from Brazil. We love cowhide as it can be used for many purposes and as it has a stunning natural and luxurious sheen to it. It does extremely well in any interior decoration, which is why we have no doubts that you will love our cowhide pouf as much as we do! 

    Cowhide is a wonderful material for interior design, as it is fantastically durable and long lasting. The Brazilian skin has adapted to the raw climate, which benefits you when you buy products with genuine cowhide.

    We choose our cowhide with great care, as we care a lot about quality! For example, we look at whether the hairs are dense and smooth, whether they lie in a natural pattern along the skin, and whether the skin has the necessary shine. That is why our products with cowhide are fantastically beautiful both in pattern, color shade and surface.


    A sustainable collection

    Did you know that we care a lot about sustainability and choose our materials with consideration for the environment and animal welfare? Our cowhides and sheepskins are by-products to the production of meat. We see many benefits in using materials to make useful products that you can use and enjoy in everyday life. In this way, the waste of resources is reduced and the whole animal is used to the fullest.


    Skin poufs for any taste

    We are sure that you can find a pouf that fits your needs perfectly, as our selection is wide and as there are many different designs that a very stylish. We have poufs that are box-shaped and cylindrical, and then they come in different sizes, so you are guaranteed to have a place for your new dream pouf.

    The poufs are also made of either genuine cowhide or sheepskin, so you can choose the style that catches your eye. If you are looking for a cozy and warm look in your home, then you should without a doubt go for a pouf with genuine sheepskin fur, as the hairs are fantastically soft, and as the skin has a heat-regulating effect. If you need something with a bit of an edge that really exudes nature, then you should choose a pouf of genuine cowhide.

    Our poufs come in a wide range of colors, so you can find the one that fits perfectly into your home. There really is no excuse for not checking out our amazingly beautiful poufs, because there will definitely be at least one that meets all your needs and more!


    Many features

    You will love your new pouf as it can have many features depending on what you want to use it for. Therefore, you will use your pouf to the fullest! Read more about some of the options you are offered with one of our poufs. 

    A pouf of genuine skin is truly a decorative feature for any home. It is perfect in the living room or in the hallway. It is also great in an office! Actually, you can place such a pouf in any corner, and it will do well and look amazing.

    Next, our poufs are not only beautiful and natural, but they can also have a practical purpose. They are very essential when you need to put on your shoes, as you can sit comfortably. In addition, you can swing your feet up during the next many movie nights and enjoy the support and comfort you are offered. 

    If you want to use your pouf for many different things at different times, we have made sure that our pouf can be moved around easily. It only takes two seconds. 

    There are many good reasons to explore our universe with luxurious and beautiful poufs that can live up your interior decoration! Find your favorite and fall in love with your home again. You can do it with a clear conscience, as you deserve it, and as genuine fur and skin is sustainable when you shop at NATURES Collection. It is absolutely fantastic, and you will surely never regret having bought a high-quality pouf with genuine skin, which can be found in our collection.

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