12 products
    12 products
    NC Living Throw of Rabbit | 120x180 cm. Throws Black
    Throw | Rabbit | Spain | 120x180 cm.
    NC | Interior
    NC Living Cashmere Throw with Fox Trimming | Size 130x200 cm Throws Dark Grey
    NC Living Cashmere Throw with Fox Trimming | Size 130x200 cm Throws
    Dark Grey Light Grey Beige
    Throw | Fox, Cashmere | Finland | Size 130x200 cm.
    NC | Interior
    NC Living Throw of mohair wool, 25% Throws Blue/Grey
    NC Living Throw of mohair wool, 25% Throws Maroon/Grey
    Blue/Grey Maroon/Grey Rust/Grey
    Throw | Mohair Mix | New Zealand | 130 x 170 cm.
    NC | Interior
    NC Living Throw of mohair wool | 130 x 170 cm. Throws Light Pink
    NC Living Throw of mohair wool | 130 x 170 cm. Throws Black
    Black Light Beige Light Grey Light Pink +1
    Throw | Mohair Mix | New Zealand | 130 x 170 cm.
    NC | Interior
    NC Living New Zealand Double-Face - Short-Wool |  100 cm Skins Navy
    NC Living New Zealand Double-Face - Short-Wool |  100 cm Skins Hedge Green
    Hedge Green Navy
    New Zealand Sheepskin | 100x60 cm. | Double Face
    NC | Interior
    Throws - Throw | 140x180 Cm. | Tibetan Sheepskin
    Throws - Throw | 140x180 Cm. | Tibetan Sheepskin
    Arctic Sunrise Aubergine Black Burgundy +14
    Throw | Sheepskin | Tibet | 140x180 cm.
    NC | Interior
    Sold Out
    Throws - Throw | 140x200 Cm. | Australian Sheepskin | SW | Double Face
    Hedge Green
    Throw | Sheepskin, Double Face | Australia | 140x200 cm.
    NC | Interior

    There is nothing better than relaxing with a lovely throw. Our throws and plaids will without a doubt be your perfect sofa companion for the cold days and nights. In addition, they will add exclusivity to any room. The rugs can be used on your sofa, bed or wherever you like. In our throw collection you will find throws made of New Zealand and Tibetan sheepskin, plaids of Tibetan sheepskin and knitwear made of 100% merino wool. Nothing compares to the feel of these soft, luxurious and natural throws, which are made of high-quality materials. Our throws are perfect for decorating the home, either with furniture or on the floor, as a rug.

    Why use genuine fur in your interior decoration?

    There are many great reasons for using genuine fur in your interior decoration. It can add a bit of edge to your living room, and you can create a cozy and stylish home with a Nordic touch. It is quite irresistible.

    Durable and long-lasting materials

    First, genuine skin is a very durable and long-lasting material which is why it is perfect for throws. If you treat your genuine fur throw correctly you can look forward to many years with a very lovely throw that will impress time after time. At NATURES Collection you are guaranteed a high-quality product because we only work with 100% natural materials.  

    A sustainable home

    Besides the fact that our materials are very durable, our items are sustainable because we get most of our materials from the meat industry and use the fur, that would have been wasted otherwise. We see a huge advantage in using the whole animal and make turn the fur into something useful, for example beautiful, luxurious throws, that we can enjoy at home. We have made it easy for you to join in and do something good for the planet by reducing the waste of resources to a minimum. Try one of our lovely throws of fur and do something good for yourself and for the rest of the world here and now.

    A new interior decoration with life

    With our throw collection you get an opportunity to bring nature indoor and close to your everyday life. It will add a free atmosphere and lots of Nordic charm, which is both stylish and extremely cozy. With our genuine fur throws you will feel connected to nature and its harmony on a whole new level. It does not get more exclusive than that. Feel even more at home with one of our fur throws in your interior decoration.

    What types of fur do we work with?

    At NATURES Collection, we work with almost all types of genuine fur and skin, for example sheepskin fur, rabbit fur, fox and raccoon fur, cowhide, zebra skin, mink fur from Denmark and much more. In this collection, we have chosen sheepskin, rabbit fur and fox fur, as these types of genuine fur are suitable for being made into beautiful and soft throws, which can add the final touch to any interior decoration. Below you can read about the types of fur that we have used in our throw collection.

    Sheepskin fur

    In our collections you will find sheepskin fur of all types from almost all over the world. In this collection you will find Tibetan sheepskin throws and alpaca wool throws. Two extremely luxurious types of sheepskin. Both of high-quality which feels extremely soft.

    Sheepskin from Tibet is characterized by being velvety soft with beautiful snake curls, which are not to be overlooked! It is both soft, warm, and cozy at the same time.

    Our wool blanket of genuine baby alpaca is of the highest quality, which can both be seen and felt. You will have no doubts that you are holding natural materials in your hands.

    Rabbit fur

    Genuine rabbit fur is a true winner when it comes to softness. We get our rabbit fur from Southern Europe, more specifically from France and Spain. A throw of genuine rabbit fur will without a doubt become your new best friend, and you will not be able to keep your fingers off it at all once you have felt the quality and the extreme softness that the fur has to offer.

    Fox fur

    In addition, we have an impressive throw of cashmere and fox fur in our throw collection, which looks fantastic in any interior decoration. Our high-quality fox fur comes mainly from Finland, and has the most beautiful surface, which gives an indispensable "wow effect" to all homes.

    A natural touch to the interior decoration

    A genuine sheepskin throw can add the final touch to any interior decoration. It gives a natural touch in a discreet and beautiful way. Below, you can read about some suggestions on how to use your new fur throw. It is only the imagination that sets the limits as our throws look completely irresistible no matter how you choose to use them. It is all up to you.

    The living room

    You can almost imagine how beautiful a genuine sheepskin throw of baby alpaca looks across the sofa. It is both a nice detail for the interior decoration but also ideal to make the movie nights even better, as you can wrap the throw around you and really enjoy the fur! The only thing you are missing then is a luxury cowhide rug under the sofa or in front of the television.

    The children’s room

    Just as adults love fur, so do children! Children love soft things, and we cannot think of anything that beats our genuine fur throws. They are warm and soft to lie and play on, and, as said, all our throws are of high quality and durable materials. Therefore, you can calmly let your children make use of them without fear.

    The office

    If you have an office that needs something new and refreshing, then we have a really good solution right here. You undoubtedly need a genuine fur throw, which can give your work environment a natural touch. It provides a harmonious and free atmosphere, in which everyone thrives, and which can inspire you to new ideas in your work every single day. With one of our lovely throws, you can bring nature close and feel the nature around you. It is worth it all!


    Our collection of throws is both well thought out and well executed, so the material is completely optimal in conjunction with the design. You can be sure of getting a high-quality product, as we only work with natural materials, which can be both seen from a distance and felt! We are sure that you will enjoy your brand-new fur throw. With this collection you can make your interior decoration more luxurious, natural, stylish and soft. Jump into our universe and find your favorite blanket. There is guaranteed to be a genuine fur throw with your name on it!

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