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Sheepskin throw

Guarantee for quality and origin

We always aim to select the finest and most sustainable materials for our collection. We travel the world for this purpose and we only work with certified suppliers. NATURES Collection has very strict requirements for our suppliers and each supplier must complete our intensive approval program before becoming a supplier to NATURES Collection. We also require certificates and inspection of any product – both in the country of origin and in Denmark. Even after passing our approval program, each NON-EU supplier will be inspected every year to make sure that our ever-increasing high standards and requirements are achieved. We source products all over the world and have built our collections on materials that are by-products to the meat industry. The original certificates can always be found at NATURES Collection’s head office in Denmark. At the time of writing, we have the following certificates in accordance with our suppliers:

OEKO-TEX, ISO 9001, ISO TS16949, BLC Reach, ISO14001, OSHAS18001, Woolmark, WRAP, Kopenhagen Fur, WelFur, Furmark.

We are certain that you will recognize these efforts, when touching, feeling and experiencing the quality of NATURES Collection.

The Kopenhagen Quality Fur stamp

When buying mink, we only buy from Kopenhagen Fur. Kopenhagen Fur has earned a reputation as the world pioneer in responsible fur-breeding and gained a unique position as the point, where the fur and fashion industries meet. The Kopenhagen Fur brand delivers the assurance of quality, transparency and sustainability consumers demand. Only fur breeders who can live up to the high standards can be qualified to sell their skins at the Kopenhagen Fur auction, and products can only wear the label of Kopenhagen Fur if the skins are sold at the auctions.

The label is your assurance that the fur fulfills the standards and demands from Kopenhagen Fur, and it is also, a guideline to you as a consumer. The Kopenhagen Fur quality stamp involves being part of the European WelFur programme. This means that Kopenhagen Fur only buys fur from WelFur approved farms making extra assurance that the furs used are of the highest standards.


The latest international certification we want to mention is FURMARK which will be launched in 2020. This certification is about securing that the different members of the fur industry lives up to specific demands on sustainability and animal welfare. FURMARK key issues are high environmental demands for wastewater treatment and coloring of the fur. Also, to ensure human health and the environment, FURMARK has made restrictions on which chemicals that are allowed to be used. This makes FURMARK a label, that combines animal welfare with environmental- and human health. With all of these initiatives and controls, we can be sure that the high standards in animal welfare is maintained in the fur business as well.