Zero Waste Production

NC is committed to zero waste in 2022

Imagine that! At NATURES Collections headquarters in the heartland of Denmark we are working very hard towards becoming a zero-waste company in the beginning of 2022. We are constantly designing new processes that will allow us to reuse, recycle and recover our materials in their entirety, so that no waste is made during our production of cushions, rugs, furniture and more.

NATURES Collection is a company that aims to be in one of the leading positions when it comes to sustainability. We care a lot about the environment and our common earth and therefore we want to play a significant role in saving our amazing planet, so that the next generations can live as happy and carefree as we have.

Responsible Consumption and Production

The United Nations Environment Program has set up 17 Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better world and we have decided to help. The 12th goal is called Responsible Consumption and Production which basically means doing more with less. You can do this by reducing waste through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse. The UNEP is currently spreading the words through these goals, and they encourage businesses to adopt sustainable practices and to integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle.

The world generates right now 2.01 billion tons of municipal solid waste annually. 33 % of this is not managed environmentally safe. Per person this is 0.11-4.54 kg every day. This should be inspiration and warning enough to make everyone jump on the sustainability train and try to save our planet, but as we all know, the development is on its way in the wrong direction. NATURES Collection is already on the move, and we wish to also inspire people everywhere and make sure they have relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and that they have lifestyles in harmony with nature. In 2022 we should be able to achieve this goal of creating zero waste. But how can we do that? We will get back to that later.

Products created by nature itself

If you look at our collections, you will see products created by nature. Our sheepskins are all natural and our use of them is both sustainable and very versatile. The sheepskins are so called leftovers from the meat industry. We buy them and process them, so they can be used as beautiful and soft sheepskin rugs. This reduce some of the waste in the meat industry and we are proud to be one of the companies that support this environmentally friendly task.

Also, both our living- and fashion collections are made of rabbit, fox and raccoon fur. These are also 100 % natural materials, that we find in the meat industry, as road kills or animals that are put down because of regulations in the aim to protect wildlife and natural resources.

So how do we fully commit to making zero waste?

In our business we are lucky to be working with materials that are all natural. This makes us able to use 100 % of all our materials and thereby creating no waste at all.

In our NC Design Studio, we will collect all the leftovers and create new products from them. Examples of this could be making a seat cover from scraps or using the tiny bits of fur as stuffing for our cushions. Another idea is to use small pieces of fur for keyrings or other accessories.

Also, we carefully ensure that our activities are fully compliant, that they reflect our sense of respect for the environment and that they support a sustainable way of life. Protecting the environment by putting waste to good use is of great importance. This is why we commit to being 100 % waste-free in the beginning of 2022. We believe in this project, and we expect to succeed bringing new innovative ideas into the production, making sure that all our materials are fully used and not wasted in any way.

We believe that waste is a valuable resource and should work to the advantage of a business like ours, not hinder it.