Behind The Scenes: Cabinetmaker's Workshop

It is time to take a look at our cabinetmaker’s workshop, where you are greeted by the scent of fresh wood in one of our large warehouses with various machines and remedies to create the most beautiful wooden furniture with real sheepskin.

NC Cabinetmaker’s workshop, established in 2021

In 2021 during spring, NC Furniture Cabinetmaker’s workshop opened in a larger building, close to our headquarters. The idea of this cabinetmaker’s workshop was that NATURES Collection should be able to produce custom-made furniture that can be upholstered with our sheepskin.


NATURES Collection is not as such supposed to be a furniture manufacturer, but we make custom-made furniture, in order to present a complete and implemented concept to our customers, which shows the many fantastic properties real sheepskin has as a material.

Look at the pictures below how the wood is perfectly handcrafted into perfection. From a raw wooden surface to a fine surface with sand paper.


In our cabinetmaker’s workshop we focus on costume-made styles and a good example of this is this bench, which our cabinetmaker, Rüdiger Ziegler, carefully creates in his workshop.


The perfectly cut pieces of wood is assembled and now we need to smooth of the rough edges and lacquer the wood. 

cabinet maker

And finally a lacquered and beautiful surface.

cabinet maker

Meet our cabinet maker

Rüdiger has been a cabinet maker since 1982 and he is 4th generation cabinet maker. In fact, his great-great-grandparents have been working with wood since before World War I.


Rüdiger is, in addition to coming from a cabinet maker’s family, a qualified educated cabinet maker in Germany. From here he has his sense of order, and he refines every piece of furniture he constructs in his cabinet maker’s workshop.

Sustainable initiatives in the cabinet maker’s workshop

Our cabinet maker cares about sustainability and the environment and this can also be seen in his cabinet maker’s workshop. The materials that are wasted are all carefully sorted and delivered to recycling, the warehouse or to the furnace that warms the head office.


Of course, there are quite a few pieces of wood that needs to be thrown out when working as a cabinet maker. For example, we have chipboards that is recycled. In addition, we have some solid wood, which is used as a heat source for our buildings.

We also have cardboard from cardboard boxes with materials, that are sent over to the warehouse, where they are used to pack orders in. Finally, we have metal waste and plastic waste that is sorted and sent to recycling.

A lot of waste is generated in a cabinet maker’s workshop and therefore our cabinet maker has invested lot of time to sort and make sure that the various materials go to the correct place.

Another initiative is that our cabinet maker uses natural oil and varnishes the furniture with water-based varnish. This is a much better and more pleasant alternative to the chemical products, such as nitrolac, which has a strong smell and harm the environment.


Come and visit our shop, showroom, studio and cabinet maker’s workshop in Soleskov. You are always welcome!

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