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Article: Behind the scenes: NC Showroom and Store

Behind the scenes: NC Showroom and Store -

Behind the scenes: NC Showroom and Store

When the corona pandemic put an end to our dream of opening a flagship store in Copenhagen, we decided to create a store in our own surroundings here in Soleskov. Here you can read about and see how the store was created and get a sneak peek at the beautiful showroom as an extension of the store. 

natures collection butik

We are located in a small city in the heart of Denmark. Soleskov is the name of the area and it is close to the bigger city Vejle. In the old barn, a large and spacious shop has been created with room for all our products. The story of the barn fits perfectly into our story of our natural products.

The special atmosphere and raw look of the old building are preserved which is amazing as we sell natural products.

When you enter the store, the first thing you meet is our Store Manager Adina. Adina is always ready to help and take care of our customers from all over the country - yes, some people come from far away, just to see our unique products.

natures collection butik

In the store you can find everything from sheepskin and sheepskin cushions to  fur coats of the highest quality.

The store is next to the office and warehouse. Therefore, you always have the opportunity to see the exact product you want, as our warehouse is only a few meters away.

natures collection butik

As Daniel Skovbakke, co-owner, says; "We sell products that you want to try on, see and feel. And that is something we have had a hard time offering in the past. In the end, we came to the realization that it was time to give our customers the opportunity to dump in from the street - or the field, if you will."

natures collection butik
natures collection butik

We look forward to seeing you in our store!

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