Can you practice yoga on a sheepskin?

by Anne Mette Nørgaard

Yes, of course you can!

The practice of yoga is very pleasant for your body and suits all age groups. It is important to have a yoga mat of good quality when you practice. In cooperation with Hanne Mouritsen, at the Pure Nordic Yoga, we have written articles on how adults and children can enjoy yoga on a mat made from sheepskin.

NATURES Collection has entered into cooperation with Pure Nordic Yoga. This is the third article on how you can practice yoga in your daily life.

Read on and get simple tricks to how to strengthen your body every day by doing simple yoga exercises  on a sheepskin. 

Stretch your body

When you stretch your body, your energy will return. You will be at ease and your muscles will become relaxed. Use a large soft ball while stretching your shoulders, upper back, and your arms all the way.

gode yoga stræk for kroppen

When sitting down, the twisting movements will loosen the nerves along the spine. This will also stimulate your digestion.


Use tailor sitting. Place your right hand on your left knee and twist around slowly. Place your left hand on the floor behind the left buttock. Look over your left shoulder. Inhale and exhale slowly and roll slowly back to the middle. Repeat this movement on your other side.

yoga for voksne

This abdominal exercise works well with a soft ball placed just around the lumbar part. It will strengthen the entire core muscles and you can keep it in this position or move it up and down.

yoga øvelse mave

The lying down twist

The lying down twist loosens the nerves around the spine and stretches well around the lumbar and buttock muscles while flexing it around the shoulder joint.


Lay down on a soft underlay and lift your right leg straight up in the air. Put your left arm on the floor with your palm facing the ceiling. Turn your head to the right. Stay in the position and inhale slowly and exhale. And then roll back to the middle. Repeat this on the opposite side of your body.

yoga stilling stræk

The Half bridge

The half bridge is a fantastic position that stretches to the front of your body, stretches to your long back muscles and also strengthens your muscles around the ankles and thighs.


Lay down on you back on a soft underlay and put your feet on the floor close to your buttocks. While you inhale, lift your pelvis up towards the ceiling and while you exhale go slowly back down vertebra by vertebra until tailbone and buttocks hits the ground. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

yoga stilling voksne

The tree position

This position will work on your balance and concentration. At the same time, it will strengthen your core muscles and your standing leg.


With both feet on the floor, now lift your right foot and put it on your left leg, alternatively with the toe on the floor and the heel resting on the calf. Put your arms over your head and lock your hands. Try to find a focal point and keep the balance. The repeat on your other side of your body.

træets stilling yoga

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Leg lift while lying down

You do this exercise using a soft ball. This will strengthen your buttocks, abdominal and leg muscles.

Put the ball near the buttocks and on the lumbar spine so that your back does not touch the floor. Put your right foot on the floor and lift your left leg straight up in the air. Now you can either keep the leg while you in hale and exhale two times or move your left up and down. Repeat the same on the other side.

liggende benløft yoga

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