Create awareness and movements together with your baby

Can you practice yoga on a lambskin?

Yes, of course you can!

The practice of yoga is very pleasant for your body and suits all age groups. It is important to have a yoga mat of good quality when you practice. In cooperation with Hanne Mouritsen, at the Pure Nordic Yoga, we have written articles on how adults and children can enjoy yoga on a mat made from lambskin.

NATURES Collection has entered into cooperation with Pure Nordic Yoga. We intend to write three articles on how you can practice yoga in your daily life. The first is about baby yoga. The next following articles will focus on yoga for children and yoga for adults and meditation.

Continue to read here to get detailed instructions on how to practice yoga together with your baby.

Jump little baby

Sit down and place your baby on one of your legs. Lift your knee up and down so that your baby can jump up and down nice and slowly. Repeat this movement a couple of times.

baby gymnastik

The happy stomach

Rub your baby´s stomach gently with a flat hand clockwise. Make small circles just around the belly button, continue to make bigger circles, and go back to smaller circles. Repeat a couple of times.

maveøvelser til baby

Baby contact

Put your hands on the baby´s head and let them rest there while you make eye contact. Continue with the same procedure with the shoulders, stomach, hips and feet and don´t forget the eye contact.

baby massage

You will find more movements in the book (Danish only) Baby Yoga, Leg og Bevægelse.

Why lambskin?

A natural lambskin is perfect for children. It is insulative, soft, and temperature regulated by the natural material. The natural content, called lanolin, makes the lambskin to automatically resist dust and dirt. Thus, you can feel safe using a soft lambskin for your baby to sit down on and move around on.

baby lammeskind


If you enjoyed reading about the idea of using a lambskin for your baby, a regular lambskin may not be enough. Our special baby lambskins are very popular. They have been naturally treated and the hair length have adjusted to increase the softness. So, this baby lambskin also suits an all purpose use, for the baby carriage, in the bed and so on.

Read more about our baby lambskin here

Play and move together with your baby

Your baby always enjoys to move around in all kinds of directions.

These activities stimulate and strenghten your baby´s motor skills. To roll on a ball made of lambskin or on a soft yoga pad will stimulate the sense of balance, massage the body, and reduce pain in an uncomfortable baby stomach.

yoga med baby

You can find this lovely cushion right here.

yoga med tumling

When your baby starts to lift and throw things, this will strengthen the muscles as well as the tactile senses (the sense of touch). This activity also strenghtens your babys sight as well the awareness of space, and its position in the room. The play of lifting and throwing is fun!

gymnastik med baby

Encourage your baby to crawl and play on different underlays. For example, lambskin which stimulates the sense of touch, the wooden floor, and so on. Use your movements in yoga by playing with your little child. You will create closeness and togetherness with your baby – just the two of you!

yoga med baby

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