Certified sheepskin

When we say that we use the best sheepskins in the world, it is because, the sheepskins are treated with great care and respect for the natural material, it is.

The German accreditation company, TÜV SÜD, is a 100-year-old business, that is testing several products, materials, and buildings with the aim to ensure public health.

TÜV SÜD has made a test of our sheepskins in which they have tested for several substances on the environmental protection agency’s list of carcinogenic substances. All tests show that our sheepskins do not contain the following substances:

  • Banned aromatic amines
    Organic derivates of ammoniac
  • Chlorinated phenols
    Toxic to the environment and to people. Produced as a toxin, like pesticides and disinfectants
  • Formaldehyde
    A toxic gas used in construction materials and disinfectants
  • Chromium 6
    Damages airways and can provoke lung cancer
  • Short chained chlorinated parrafins
    Carcinogenic substance
  • Extractable heavy metals
    Used for chemical production of colour
  • Perflurinated compounds
    PFOS. Used for impregnation for clothes and carpets

Our sheepskins have also been tested for quality and received the best results in the following; 

  • Assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture
  • Colour fastness to perspiration
  • Colour fastness to artificial light
  • Colour fastness to rubbing

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