New shoes and slippers - keep your feet warm all winter with sheepskin

You do not want to miss out on this amazing news! It is about our brand-new shoe collection with beautiful designs. The shoes will bring nature into your everyday life, so you can feel warm and soft. The design is stylish and will fit into any wardrobe. In this blog post you can read a lot more about the shoes and find the perfect style for you!

At NATURES Collection, we cannot choose a favorite pair because we love all of them!

High quality sheepskin

The shoes are made of New Zealand sheepskin and of sky-high quality. Therefore, the shoes are long lasting and extra warm, so you do not have to worry about freezing at all.

This is because the material is 100% natural, and therefore the sheepskin has a lot of natural qualitues that you can benefit from when you wear your brand-new boots.

With a pair of our new boots you will never freeze, and the shoes are extremely soft. This is because the sheepskin has adapted to the nature it has lived in over time. This is something we love about natural sheepskin.

A sustainable wardrobe

Did you know that we care a lot about sustainability? Both in our everyday life and when we work, but it also applies when we choose our materials.

The genuine sheepskin comes from the meat industry, where the material is a by-product from the production of meat. By choosing these shoes, you can help reducing the waste of resources.

In addition, the durability of our shoes and boots means that you do not have to buy new shoes year after year – they will last for several seasons!

Soft Sole Slipper

Our soft sole slippers are our very new slippers, and they are perfect for you if you love to treat your feet. These slippers are closed, so you can feel extra warm, and they have a soft sole that is perfect for use at home.

And yes – they are as soft as they look!


Hard Sole Slipper

Our hard sole slipper is a bit similar to our soft sole slipper; however, this shoe is equipped with a hard sole, which provides extra support for the feet.

Depending on your taste and preference, this might be the perfect shoe for you if you love warm and soft materials, but at the same time you need a bit more support than you get from a regular slipper.

We are completely in love with our new shoes. Which is your favorite pair? If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to find all the shoes on our website.


You will find them here.

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