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Article: Create a wonderful home for Christmas with NATURES Collection

Create a wonderful home for Christmas with NATURES Collection -

Create a wonderful home for Christmas with NATURES Collection

It is the most wonderful time of the year…

And we agree! At NATURES Collection we love the cold winter months and especially Christmas. It is the time for staying indoors, turning on Christmas lights, candles and enjoying each other’s company.

It is definitely our favorite time of the year, and this is visible in our warm collection of soft, beautiful and high-quality products for your home. Create a cozy home for Christmas with products from NATURES Collection and enjoy this wonderful time. 

What is the most important thing when decorating for Christmas?

We believe, that the most important thing in any home is to feel comfortable. And when it is Christmas, you need to make sure, that every minute of every day is comfortable.

But how do you do that?

Luckily, we have designed a collection of beautiful and warm high-quality products in different sizes and price ranges. Our products are made of sustainable materials like newzealand sheepskin and mohair wool. Our products are easy to use and very decorative in any home. Make a sustainable choice and decorate your home with natural materials for Christmas.

This is our throw of mohair wool which is one of our absolute bestsellers of all time. This throw is both soft, warm, and decorative. Put it on your sofa, bed, or chair. Anyone who sees it must touch the silky soft mohair wool.

Find a mohair throw in your favorite color here.


When browsing through our collection you should take a look at our collection of cushions in natural materials like sheepskin. We have so many different cushions, that we are sure that you can find at least one that suits your home.

Take a look and see for yourself!

To set the right mood for Christmas you can make sure to be surrounded by soft and luxurious products like a bean bag chair from our amazing collection of bean bags. Our ben bag chairs are made of all natural newzealand sheepskin in both long and shortwool quality. A bean bag like this one is eye catching, extremely comfortable and breathtakingly beautiful.

Find your own bean bag in newzealand sheepskin here.

What is the perfect dinner setting for Christmas?

Everyone wants to make an amazing Christmas dinner table that no one will ever forget. Find the right plates and flower arrangements and you are almost there! One very important thing, that many people forget every year is, that their guests also need to be comfortable.

Give your chairs a makeover at the same time and get a sheepskin for every chair. A sheepskin is very comfortable to sit on and it gives a cozy warmth that makes you never want to leave the chair. And this is the feeling you want your dinner guests to have when it is Christmas eve!

In our collection of sheepskins we have many different sheepskins in different sizes, colors and from different countries. This can make it hard to choose the right one, but we can make a brief description of the most popular sheepskins, so it will be easier for you to choose the right one.


The first one is an Icelandic sheepskin. Sheepskins from Iceland have a rough, natural look with the long and wild fur. An Icelandic sheepskin is available in different colours – both natural and dyed. Find an Icelandic sheepskin here.

The second is a sheepskin from New Zealand which is our most popular sheepskin. A sheepskin from New Zealand has a very soft and minimalistic look, that suits any occasion. You can find our newzealand sheepskins here.

The third is a Tibetan sheepskin. A Tibetan sheepskin is popular and known for the many small curls in the fur. These many curls make the sheepskin very soft both in looks and feel. Find a Tibetan sheepskin here.

This sheepskin is unique. It is a natural sheepskin from Austria with natural coloring. This sheepskin is very unique, in fact, there is nothing like it!

Find you own Austrian sheepskin here.

A loving advice for our readers for Christmas

If you take a look through our collection, you will see just how easy it is to make a wonderful home for Christmas. Do yourself and everyone you love a favor and decorate your home with natural and sustainable materials for Christmas.

Natural materials are in many ways magical. They have a timeless beauty in them and the feeling you get, when touching a piece of nature, is indescribable. Imagine how it would feel if you decorate your entire home with natural materials? You will be forever cozy and your guests will be thankful.

In our collection you will find the perfect gifts for him and her!


Merry Christmas from NATURES Collection

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