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Article: Create the perfect room for your kids with genuine sheepskin and fur

Create the perfect room for your kids with genuine sheepskin and fur -

Create the perfect room for your kids with genuine sheepskin and fur

Genuine fur and sheepskins have a wonderful soft feeling and a beautiful look that is perfect for the children's room. At NATURES Collection, you can find all the items you need to create the perfect room for your kids. That includes genuine sheepskin in festive colors, soft cushions and rugs made of natural materials. In this article, you can get inspiration on how to create the perfect children’s room with genuine sheepskins and fur.

A rug that makes playtime even more fun  

Decorate with an exclusive and ultra soft rug that is both stylish and perfect for children. At NATURES Collection you can choose between 3 fantastic sheepskin rugs that are perfect: Polar Bear, Brown Bear and Sheep. The rugs look like beautiful animals, so they will boost the creativity and imagination. The rugs are made of New Zealand sheepskin fur.



Have you seen our baby sheepskin? 

Are you expecting? Then you should take a look at our baby sheepskin, which are suitable for newborns and babies. The sheepskin has the perfect size to fit in a cradle, pram, pushchair or car seat. It can easily be moved around, so you and your baby can enjoy the soft fur all day, everywhere. The sheepskin is from New Zealand and is treated without chemicals, so all children can safely enjoy the amazing fur.

baby lammeskind

The really great thing about the baby sheepskin is that it is tanned in a way that it can be washed in the machine unlike many other skins.

Decorate with a fur cushion in a lovely color 

One of the most important things about a children's room is that it is personal. This can be done in many ways, but we suggest decorating with soft and beautiful fur cushions in festive colors. Maybe your son or daughter has a favorite color? At NATURES Collection you can find a wide selection of fur cushions with sheepskin or genuine rabbit fur, which come in a beautiful color palette.


We have cushions in natural shapes and forms, which also make the perfect tumbling tools. Hematite, Angelite and Bolster. These shapes are designed with inspiration from the pure nature and can be found in the wild all around the world.


These were just a few suggestions on how genuine sheepskin and fur can create the perfect nursery and room for your child. Explore our gorgeous sheepskin and fur products for the home and find all your favorites for the children’s room.

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