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Article: Create the most beautiful Easter with NATURES Collection

Create the most beautiful Easter with NATURES Collection -

Create the most beautiful Easter with NATURES Collection

Easter is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends -  with delicious food and good company. In this article you get tips on how to create a beautiful Easter with natural materials - with warm and soft sheepskin in amazing colors. This will make your Easter perfect and unforgettable. 

Colorful sheepskins

A colorful sheepskin from NATURES Collection really gets the party started. Not only because of the soft fur, but also because of all the colors. Place a genuine sheepskin in a beautiful color on each chair.

lammeskind til stole

Seat covers for the chair

Are you more into seat covers? In our selection, you can find several fantastic seat covers made of genuine fur to make your Easter even better. With a seat cover, you can add a soft surface and a natural look your chairs.

seat covers

Another great tip is that you can mix and match sheepskins and seat covers. It looks raw and elegant at the same time. It also ensures that all guests have a nice soft seat at the table.

A cushion with a cover of genuine fur

A genuine fur cushion brings nature close during the whole Easter. At NATURES Collection you find a wide selection of colorful, natural fur cushions with genuine sheepskin from New Zealand, cowhide from South America and certified rabbit fur from Southern Europe.

We suggest a colorful fur cushion with a Tibetan sheepskin fur cover. This type of fur has the most beautiful corkscrew curls that are impossible not to see in a room.


Decorate the table with natural materials

The final touch to make the table setting perfect are a beautiful serving tray and coasters for the cups. We have a set of calf leather accessories for the table setting.

accessories for the home

At NATURES Collection we hope that you will have an unforgettable Easter with family and friends filled with natural surroundings and soft materials.

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