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Article: How do I freshen up my sheepskin?

How do I freshen up my sheepskin? -

How do I freshen up my sheepskin?

A sheepskin is something quite special and it can make a huge difference to your interior decoration because it adds a significant touch of nature to any room. A sheepskin is an item that exudes pure nature, luxury, and softness, which is why we fully understand that you want to take good care of it. It can be difficult to figure out how to take care of your natural sheepskin in the best way. That is why we have gathered all our very best advice for you right here!

A natural product

A major benefit of real sheepskin is that it contains lanolin. Lanolin is a substance that is extracted in the wool, which has a cleansing effect. This also means that a sheepskin requires minimal care. Secondly, a sheepskin is incredibly durable because it has adapted to nature over time. It is a quality that you can enjoy because it means you have many years ahead of you with the pleasure of a true piece of nature. There are a few tips and tricks that everyone can take part in that extends the life of a sheepskin, and it really pays off!


Shake your sheepskin regularly

The first thing you should remember to do regularly, especially if your sheepskin is often exposed to pressure, is to shake it. This way, you can regain the voluminous and wild look, while removing all loose dirt and grime.

Brush your sheepskin

Do you already have a sheepskin brush? Otherwise, we suggest you get it. If you have a New Zealand or Icelandic sheepskin with long, smooth hairs, this is a perfect way to give the skin its natural look back and straighten the hairs so that they do not become tangled into each other. 


Water and wool soap

If you spill on your sheepskin, it is often not a problem. Take a clean cloth and moisten it with lukewarm water and pat gently on the stain. Use a bit of wool soap if necessary. Keep the skin side dry as it may harden during drying if exposed to water. Once your skin has dried, you should shake the skin and brush it through to make the fur fluffy again.

Remove smells from your sheepskin

Do not worry if your sheepskin has a strange odor. This can be due to several reasons, for example it may originate from the tanning or storage in a warehouse. It can also be quite natural. You can remove much of the smell yourself by ventilating the sheepskin - preferably in cold temperatures or under a roof. If it is winter, take some snow and cover the fur.

Shake the skin afterwards to remove excess snow. Let the skin dry afterwards, shake and then brush it through. If there is no snow, you can imitate this trick by putting the sheepskin in a closed bag in the freezer overnight. Avoid folding the skin. 

You should avoid perfumes and other chemical products as these odors and the smell of sheepskin do not mix well. The sheepskin can react unintentionally when treated with chemical products.

Did you not get an answer to your question? You can read much more in our detailed care guide. Here you will most certainly get answers to your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us either. We are ready to help you with our knowledge and advice on real fur and sheepskins, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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