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Article: Why is upholstered furniture so popular in Nordic homes?

Why is upholstered furniture so popular in Nordic homes? -

Why is upholstered furniture so popular in Nordic homes?

It can be hard to overlook the many beautiful, upholstered armchairs that abound on social media, such as Instagram. Upholstered furniture is the big trend at the moment, and with very good reason.

Upholstered furniture brings something very special with it, as it is not just a mass production of plastic or textiles, but a proper piece of design that has been thought through from drawing to finished production.

At NATURES Collection you will find an entire furniture collection with furniture upholstered with sheepskin from New Zealand. The collection offers a sofa, a lounge chair, and a matching foot stool. The furniture has simple but elegant wooden legs, and they are upholstered with the softest certified sheepskin from New Zealand.

sheepskin furniture

The furniture set, which we call Emily, is designed with inspiration from Nordic minimalism and the shapes of nature, so it gets a timeless and Nordic look that can enchant your interior with warmth and charm. The furniture is also made of 100% natural and sustainable materials, which are as soft as they appear to be.

The set is usable for several purposes, and you can arrange the elements together or separately depending on what you need for your home.

Read more about the Emily furniture set here and find inspiration to how to style your home with upholstered furniture.

Furniture upholstered with sheepskin

Our Emily furniture is upholstered with 100% real sheepskin from New Zealand, which has an extraordinary look and a luxurious feeling. Not only does the furniture bring stylish design into your home, but it also manages to take you and your family very close to nature.

What is more amazing than being able to enjoy nature and its harmonious atmosphere from your living room? You will without a doubt feel more at home than ever before with a natural, soft, and raw element in your home. This is one of the reasons why upholstered furniture with sheepskin fits into any home!

Everyone should own an armchair made of sheepskin

We love to add new life to the living room with our Emily furniture. If you have all three pieces, you can easily achieve an incredibly soft, exclusive, and complete look in your living room. Add a stylish table to the Emily collection and enjoy inviting your guests over for coffee and tea in natural and warm surroundings!

armchair of sheepskin

An armchair upholstered with sheepskin can never be a mistake. Such a stylish armchair looks incredibly beautiful no matter where in the home you place it. Place it as a comfortable chair in the office or as a comfortable and eye-catching chair in your living room. No matter what, we are confident that you will be more than happy with this particular investment.

What about an upholstered sofa for the entrance?

It may sound a bit off, but if you have a spot in the hallway or in the entrance that needs a little extra, then you can easily place an Emily sofa as a beautiful and soft detail that can add the finishing touch. This way, you also have a place where you can sit when the shoelaces need to be tied and the hat and mittens need to be put on. If your hallway is a bit small, you can place our Emily stool instead, so you and your guests sit comfortably when you tie your shoes.

sheepskin upholstered sofa

An upholstered armchair for the home office

It's not only the Emily sofa that can be placed alone - so can the beautiful armchair! Maybe your home office could benefit from a chair upholstered with sheepskin that provides the perfect comfort, softness, and warmth? Then our armchair is an obvious choice. Upgrade the chair by placing it with the Emily footstool. That way you have the perfect spot in the home office, for when you need a little break from the screen or the stiff office chair.

sheepskin armchair

Benefit from a furniture upholstered with sheepskin

At the end of this article, we will tell you that you can always benefit from a natural and soft footstool. The Emily footstool is so stylish and simple in its looks that you can easily decorate it with any chair. In addition, you can also place the footstool in the corner of the living room, so you can take it out and create an extra seat for the party in less than 2 seconds.

You can always use at least one of the furniture from our furniture collection in your home. You are offered so many options, as the furniture can be placed together or separately and create a natural decor with Nordic charm and warmth. Therefore, we are very excited about our sheepskin upholstered furniture. 

In other words, it is not difficult to understand that furniture upholstered in sheepskin is a hit online. We are sure that our Emily furniture will also be a true hit in your home.

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