How we create a sheepskin cushion like a shell

by Helene Stilling

Shell Sheepskin Cushion - step by step

In our sewing room we can make lovely products of natural quality skin and fur, e.g. sheepskin cushions filled with 100% cotton. We make them in a range of beautiful colors and a stylish and natural designs.

One of our news is this sheepskin cushion "Shell". It is designed with inspiration from nature and the bottom of the sea.

Let it become a decorative element in your interior decoration or use it on the couch.

See the photos below and learn about the process, from start to finish, as our seamstress transforms genuine sheepskin into the most beautiful cushion shaped like a shell.

Lammeskindspude step 1

The sheepskin is cut to the right size

Lammeskindspude step 2

Lammeskindspude step 4

The details of the shell are sewn on

Lammeskindspude step 3

Lammeskindspude step 5

The parts are now ready to be sewn together into a sheepskin cushion shaped like a shell

Lammeskindspude step 6

The fur gets its finish and is trimmed

Lammeskindspude step 7

The skin is turned over and is ready for stuffing

Lammeskindspude step 8

The cushion is filled with 100% cotton

Lammeskindspude step 9

The sheepskin cushion is filled with 100% cotton and is closed together on the fur machine


Finally, a beautiful and soft sheepskin cushion

Lammeskindspude step 11

And in the end, we are left with a finished product that is ready to move into your home and decorate

Lammeskindspude step 12

Come and visit us in Soleskov and see many more designs and sheepskin cushions.

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