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Article: Look forward to winter with our new Mini Boots

Look forward to winter with our new Mini Boots -

Look forward to winter with our new Mini Boots

No boots compare to our new Mini Boots. They are made of the softest sheepskin, and they have a stylish design, that will impress at any time. Read more about our amazing Mini Boot and fall in love with the natural look!

Mini Boots

Our new Mini Boots are a pair of the softest boots you can find. They are so-called "teddy boots" with a solid sole that supports the heel and foot in just the right way, so you can enjoy it outside for winter and autumn.

Mini Boots


The boots are lined with ultra-soft and lovely warm sheepskin, and you will not be able to get enough of. The boots have a stylish look and comes in classic colors that go with everything. They are a wardrobe must-have if you ask us.

New Zealand sheepskin – The perfect material

Our Mini Boots are made of high-quality sheepskin from New Zealand, and there are many very good reasons for that! First of all, New Zealand sheepskin is fantastically soft, which is why you can look forward to sticking your feet into the nicest lining. In addition, the sheepskin retains the heat well because it is heat-regulating. This is because the material has adapted to nature over time. For the same reason, the natural Mini Boots, like all our other boots, are incredibly durable and long-lasting. 

Mini Boots

A sustainable choice  

NATURES Collection is a sustainable company that only works with natural materials. Our Mini Boots are made of 100% natural sheepskin, which is selected with great consideration for the environment. Therefore, the material comes from the meat industry, where it is a typical by-product to the production of meat. In this way, the waste of resources is reduced, and you can enjoy a pair of luxurious boots with a stylish design with a clear conscience.

Our new Mini Boots is a true favorite in our eyes, and we are sure that they will get a very special place in your heart in no time.

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