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Article: This is why your newborn baby deserves a sheepskin!

This is why your newborn baby deserves a sheepskin! -

This is why your newborn baby deserves a sheepskin!

Your children always deserve the best. Therefore your newborn baby should get the opportunity to have a baby care sheepskin rug for comfort, warmth and safety – in the bed, in the stroller or any place you like!

One of the most important part of the usage of the sheepskin is the temperature regulation. This is a feature sheepskin possesses which, depending on the air temperature, has both a warming and a cooling effect,. There are many other advantages described below, but first let´s look back.

  • modern medical wound management approves the usage of sheepskin because it takes of the pressure from the skin.
  • provides relief from friction and shear
  • the fleece of sheepskin has excellent insulating properties, and it is also resistant to flame and static electricity.
  • rapidly absorbs and disspate moisture away from the human body.
  • lightweighted material, therefore easy to carry with you.

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Premium BabyCare Sheepskin Rug

Let us now tell you about our beautiful baby care sheepskin product.

  • approved for delicate baby skin
  • 100 % natural
  • dyed without any harmful substances
  • regulates temperature
  • certified by Woolmark
  • EcoTex certified
  • odourless

Our sheepskin is clinically tested on a regular basis.

A developed sheepskin for your baby with many advantages

The natural wool in the sheepskin is non-allergic and very gentle for your baby´s skin. The sheepskin is produced without any chemicals and has no smell. Our baby care sheepskin is soft like silk and safe for sleep and play. It gives your baby the secure opportunity to explore and experience the surrounding environment.

Regulates temperature

The wool fibres in the sheepskin makes it breath naturally. It is self-regulated in temperature whether in cold or warm air temperature. Your baby will keep its normal body temperature regardless of the air temperature!

Non-allergic material

The sheepskin is produced without any chemicals and has no smell.
The wool is non-allergic and is very gentle on the baby´s skin.

Soft and safe for play and sleep

A sheepskin gives your baby the opportunity to explore and experience the surroundings. The softness of the sheepskin, almost like silk, will secure the baby´s skin from friction when moving around.


The soft material is gentle to our environment because it comes from nature itself. There are no artificial substances added to our sheepskin. It has been certified by Woolmark and is labeled with EcoTex certification.

Naturally clean

Thanks to the natural oil wax in the wool, called lanolin, it automatically resists water, dirt and dust. Thus, your baby will stay secure, surrounded by the fur of the sheepskin.

Machine washable

The Natures Collection sheepskin is not only soft and beautiful, but also practical to take care of and maintain. It is machine washable. After the wash it keeps its original silky wool  softness and you can feel that the material stay the same as before.
Just brush it up after drying. Do not hesitate to wash regularly!


Our sheepskin gets a natural treatment during the processing which stops any kind of bacterial growth. Fungus and dust-particle growth stops as well.

Multi sensory functioning

A baby learns by moving and explore. The silky softness of our high quality prepared baby sheepskin gives your baby a sensory experience that contributes to your baby´s development.

The perfect sleeping baby mattress

Your baby will get the best sleep on a sheepskin fur because it is silky soft in its material.

Transport – carrying

The sheepskin is easy to take with you to any place. The material is very light-weighted and can be folded in any way you prefer.

Multifunctional usage

Our baby sheepskin is soft and easy to handle. There are really no limitations for usage:

So, consider a nice, healthy, secure, and soft environment for the caring of your newborn baby – a natural choice!

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