How do I take care of velour?

by Anne Mette Nørgaard

Velour comes from the French word velvet and is very similar to velvet in its material. The slight difference is that velour is generally made of mixed material like cotton and polyester.

Our velour style cushions are made from lambskin and is very similar the common velour in its soft texture.
The material can easily collect dust and dirt. Here are some advice how to take care of your velour style cushions.

In general, this velourstyle lambskin material is sensitive to any kind of heat. For example, avoid exposure to strong sunlight. Also, avoid hot water when cleaning as well as hot temperature when drying.

How do we clean our velvet cushions?

Our velour style lambskin needs regular attention and care. You will need some items at home for the care of the cushions. We highly recommend a soft suede brush for regular brush-off dust. If you get a spot on your cushion, a muslin cloth is the best if you have to wipe off with water. Temperature of the water must not be more 30C. preferably less. Use very mild liquid soap. The softness of the muslin cloth is gentle on the cushion materials.

Vacuuming regularly is another way to keep the cushions clean from dust. But use a gentle power and a plain suction, turbo could destroy the texture of the velour lambskin!

A final remark, even though, every once and awhile you have to take extra care, regular brushing and airing out is the most gentle caring of Nature Collections velour style lambskin cushions!


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