Why upholster furniture with sheepskin?

by Anne Mette Nørgaard

When you choose to invest a good amount of money in a sofa, armchair or stool, you expect to get a piece of furniture of the highest quality and with a spot-on design. You get all this in our latest furniture collection, Emily. The furniture is upholstered with the world's best sheepskin from New Zealand. You can find the furniture in the heart of Denmark in our very own NC Studio!

Our Emily furniture is upholstered with certified sheepskin from New Zealand, which is carefully selected for the sky-high quality, sustainability, and natural and soft look.

emily furniture

There are many good reasons to upholster furniture with sheepskin. First and foremost, it is an obvious opportunity to bring nature very close to you and your family, but the sheepskin also has some natural properties that you can enjoy.

The Emily collection is incredibly stylish with a Nordic look that adds the finishing touch to your home. Read more and see the benefits of furniture upholstered with sheepskin.

Upholster your furniture with sheepskin

What we love most about our upholstered Emily furniture is that you can invite nature into your home and enjoy the Nordic charm and warmth that sheepskin brings. It can be felt on the atmosphere of the home because nature is harmonious and will make you relax more than ever before.

Next, the sheepskin has an exclusive and luxurious look because it is 100% natural and of the highest quality.

sheepskin arm chair

Sheepskin is a durable material

A big advantage of furniture upholstered with sheepskin is that the natural material is very durable. It is because of the New Zealand sheepskin, which has adapted to the raw nature in all kinds of wind and weather. For that reason, do not hesitate to use your upholstered furniture daily. The sheepskin can easily handle it, and you will not experience signs of wear for a long time.

Did you know that sheepskin is self-cleaning?

One of the things that helps to make the upholstered Emily furniture durable and long-lasting is the self-cleaning effect that natural sheepskin has. In the wool, a sort of wool wax, also called lanolin, is constantly cleaning the wool. It cleanses the fur in a natural way, so the furniture looks beautiful and clean all by itself.

In addition, most loose dirt and grime can be removed by punching the furniture. If you spill on one of your Emily furniture, then many stains can be removed with a clean cloth and a little lukewarm water. If necessary, use a bit of wool soap. It is so easy, and it is all due to the natural materials the furniture is upholstered with.

sheepskin couch

Get the perfect comfort

Not only do the upholstered furniture look soft and beautiful, but you will also find that the furniture will give you just the right comfort, because the New Zealand sheepskin fur is characterized by being dense.

It gives the sofa, chair, and footstool a softness that is irresistible. The fur is so soft that you will find it difficult to get up again once you have sat down in your Emily sofa or armchair.

Come visit our showroom and try our beautiful Emily furniture. We are open every day.

sheepskin chair

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