218 products
    218 products
    Sheepskins - Icelandic Sheepskin | 100-120x60 Cm. | LW
    Icelandic Sheepskin | 100-120x60 cm. | LW -
    Grey Brisa
    Sheepskin | Longwool | Iceland | 100-120x60 cm.
    NC | Interior
    Sheepskins - Icelandic Sheepskin | 100-120x60 Cm. | LW
    Sheepskins - Icelandic Sheepskin | 100-120x60 Cm. | LW
    Off White Spotted
    Sheepskin | Longwool | Iceland | 100-120x60 cm.
    NC | Interior
    Sheepskins - Icelandic Sheepskin | 100-120x60 Cm. | LW
    Sheepskins - Icelandic Sheepskin | 100-120x60 Cm. | LW
    Natural Grey Natural Grey dark Natural Grey Light
    Sheepskin | Longwool | Iceland | 100-120x60 cm.
    NC | Interior
    Sheepskins - Icelandic Sheepskin | 90x60 Cm. | LW
    Rusty Brown
    Sheepskin | Longwool | Iceland | 90x60 cm.
    NC | Interior
    Cushions - Alpaca Cushion | 50x50 Cm. | Alpaca Wool
    Cushions - Alpaca Cushion | 50x50 Cm. | Alpaca Wool
    Black Ivory Taupe
    Cushion | Alpaca Wool | Peru | 50x50 cm.
    NC | Interior
    Cushions - Alpaca Cushion | 28x56 Cm. | Alpaca Wool
    Cushions - Alpaca Cushion | 28x56 Cm. | Alpaca Wool
    Black Ivory Steel Taupe
    Cushion | Alpaca Wool | Peru | 28x56 cm.
    NC | Interior
    Cushions - Cushion | 40x40 Cm. | Tibetan Sheepskin
    Cushion | 40x40 cm. | Tibetan Sheepskin -
    Aubergine Black Caspian Dove +14
    Cushion | 40x40 cm. | Tibetan Sheepskin
    NC | Interior
    Sheepskins - New Zealand Sheepskin | 115x60 Cm. | LW
    Sheepskins - New Zealand Sheepskin | 115x60 Cm. | LW
    Aubergine Black Burgundy Caspian +15
    New Zealand Sheepskin | 115x60 cm. | LW
    NC | Interior
    Furniture - Bar Stool
    Bar Stool -
    Bar Stool
    NC | Interior
    Cushions - Cushion | 50x50 Cm. | New Zealand Sheepskin | LW
    Cushions - Cushion | 50x50 Cm. | New Zealand Sheepskin | LW
    Aubergine Black Burgundy Caspian +14
    Cushion | Sheepskin | Longwool | New Zealand | 50x50 cm.
    NC | Interior
    Furniture - Rocking Chair | Ash
    Rocking Chair | Ash
    NC | Interior
    Sold Out
    Furniture - Rocking Chair | Oak
    Rocking Chair | Oak -
    Rocking Chair | Oak
    NC | Interior
    Rugs & Carpets - Monaco Design Rug | 170x240 Cm. | Brazilian Cowhide
    Natural Grey
    Monaco Design Rug | Cowhide | Brazil | 170x240 cm.
    NC | Interior
    Throws - Throw | 140x200 Cm. | Australian Sheepskin | SW | Double Face
    Hedge Green
    Throw | Sheepskin, Double Face | Australia | 140x200 cm.
    NC | Interior

    We think that your home deserves the best. Your home should provide the setting for the most valuable moments. This collection will help you make your home perfect for you and those you love. In your home, you should always, be surrounded by good energy with quality products. Our products are designed with the ambition that they will create long-lasting value. With a product from NATURES Collection, you will get a product that is made to be used. The key products in our interior collection are high-quality skins, which are made for a multitude of different products such as design carpets, cushions, rugs and other items.

    A natural atmosphere with sheepskin

    Everyone needs a harmonious base that you can return to when you have been to work or in school. We fully support this, which is why our interior collection contributes to you being able to have a home where you can feel at home and surrounded by pure nature at the same time. It gives a calm and down-to-earth feeling in the body to see a genuine piece of fur or lie on a rug of genuine skin. It is as if the air just gets fresher completely automatically. We experience this to a great extent! It creates a feeling of being outdoor, where you feel safe and calm. Maybe it is on a mountain top or in the woods that you feel most free? Either way, you are guaranteed to experience being drawn out into nature with a home decorated with our products - we have made sure of that.

    Besides that, there is nothing that is more charming than genuine fur products. It gives a raw, Nordic look to any interior decoration. It is both elegant, cool and modern at the same time, and there is a very exclusive and luxurious trend associated with genuine natural products that are irreplaceable.

    A sustainable home with fur

    At NATURES Collection, we only work with 100% genuine fur and skin products, which first and foremost ensures that you get a high-quality product that is both durable and long-lasting when you shop with us. The natural feeling cannot be replaced with anything else, which is why we strive to promote the natural fur in the very best way, so that the full potential of the animal is released. Secondly, our products are a sustainable choice for several reasons, which you can read more about here.

    We get most of our fur and skin from the meat industry, so we use the fur that was going to be wasted and make it into luxurious, high-quality products that you will be able to enjoy for many, many years. We reduce waste of resources, and you can join by investing in our lovely interior products now.

    In addition, genuine skin is an extremely durable and long-lasting material that can withstand a little of everything. Therefore, you do not have to go out and buy new items for your home time after time, as you can be sure that one time is enough!

    What types of fur do we work with?

    We love almost all kinds of natural fur, which is reflected in our very wide selection of different types of fur. Below you are introduced to some of the types of fur that we have primarily used in our well-executed and well-thought-out interior collection, which will give you your brand-new dream home.

    In addition, it is quite special for our products that no one is the same, due to the material which is 100% natural. Just as no two animals are alike, no two pieces of fur are alike. Therefore, you get your very own and completely unique product when you shop with us.


    Among other things, we make decorative skins, carpets and cushions of genuine cowhide. It does not get much better than that. Cowhide is extremely durable and glassy, which results from the fact that it is all-natural qualities. The short hair makes the skin smooth and beautiful to look at. We have cowhides from both Brazil and Argentina, and it is of course the best quality imaginable. With genuine cowhide in your home, you get a raw and elegant item into your interior decoration in a charming and captivating way. It will not be overlooked at all for your guests - we are sure of that!


    One of our most popular materials is sheepskin, as it is very durable and long-lasting. Next, it is a completely versatile product that we love to use for everything that is possible to use it for. Sheepskins have a lot to offer and they can look different depending on the type of skin you are looking for. We offer sheepskin from almost the whole world, because we cannot get enough at all. Explore our collection and you will find out that we have sheepskin from New Zealand, Iceland, Tibet, America, Gotland, UK and more. For example, an Icelandic sheepskin has a particularly natural look, which really draws one out into the open. It is a look that is wild and raw, and which can do something very special like leather in a chair or as a detail over the bed. If you are looking for a warm and soft look with an edge, you should definitely go for our beautiful sheepskin from Tibet, which has long snake curls that are not at all stand out.

    Rabbit fur

    Rabbit fur is characterized by being extremely soft and fine in the quality, as it is so soft that the look is given a shiny effect with the most beautiful play of colors. We work with two types of rabbit fur, which come from Southern Europe, primarily Spain and France: the regular and an even finer and more exclusive version called rex rabbit. It is important for us to say that we only work with high quality materials. Rex rabbit fur is just a little more durable in quality and has less tendency to shed, which is why it is a little more expensive than the regular rabbit fur. However, keep in mind that ordinary rabbit fur is not more or less genuine for that reason, and that we only work with fur of the highest quality!

    We love rabbit fur as a cover for our decorative cushions and hot-water bottles. It really creates a cozy and soft atmosphere at home in the living room that you do not want to live without!


    Goatskin gives a natural touch at home with its long and raw fur, which really can do something very special. Our goatskin comes from Tibet and Mongolia. Goatskin from Tibet is a bit more short-haired than the one from Mongolia, which you should keep in mind before choosing your brand-new and genuine goatskin. They are not at all to keep your fingers off as they exude exclusivity in a wonderfully charming and natural way. We also make the most irresistible cushions from genuine goatskin, which look perfect in any sofa.

    Reindeer skin

    We are also dealing with the most exclusive reindeer skin from Finland, which can give any room the final touch. Reindeer skin is both durable and long-lasting, which is why it is perfect for the interior decoration inside.

    Reindeer skins have an elegant and natural raw look.

    Zebra skin

    Nothing is cooler than genuine zebra skin according to us. Imagine a stunning look, it can provide your sofa with a cushion made of genuine zebra skin, with beautiful and natural stripes in the fur. You cannot find it anywhere else, and it is without a doubt impossible to cheat yourself to the effect that our fantastic products of genuine zebra skin can give.

    Fur cushions

    If you need something to make your sofa even more cozy or to make the bedroom something special, you should, without a doubt, grab one of our absolutely fantastic fur cushions, which can bring nature very close to you and your family. They are soft and beautiful at the same time. With such a cushion you can make your nap even better and the movie even more fun. Your friends and family will definitely be able to remember your luxurious fur cushions as they are not to be overlooked. Nothing has ever been so soft and beautiful at the same time.

    A stool or a pouf

    If you have an empty spot in the hallway or lack the last detail in the kitchen, you cannot miss our beautiful stools or poufs made of genuine skin. They can give a Nordic look and a pleasant atmosphere to all rooms. We have thought through the design down to the last detail, so you get an experience of a quality product that has everything your heart desires.

    The perfect sheepskin rug

    If you are missing the last detail to the dining room, we have the perfect solution, if you ask us. Nothing can live up a room like a rug of genuine fur. This also applies down to the living room under the coffee table or as a bold detail in the hallway. Treat yourself and your home with one of our extremely luxurious rugs.

    A hot-water bottle with a cover of fur

    If you ask us, one of our hot-water bottles with genuine fur covers can make every day a little better. They are natural, soft and beautiful at the same time. With such a hot-water bottle, you get a new best friend that you will not be able to let go of once you have discovered how amazing they are.

    Other decorative items

    In addition, our interior collection contains a wealth of small decorative elements such as mirrors with a frame of cowhide, storage boxes of cowhide, coasters for the coffee of genuine cowhide, a dust broom of genuine sheepskin fur, all natural and beautiful horns and more. Take a look and be inspired by our natural univers. There is always room for more nature!


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